Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Eastern & Oriental Hotel - Georgetown, Penang (Buffet Breakfast)

Remember I told you we had to forgo the breakfast (Restoran Jaya Seberang Jaya) already included with the nights day at this hotel? Waking up the next morning was quite a struggle because the one bottle of beer at Red Garden Food Paradise was not the end of the road. Still, we made it for the buffet 1/2 an hour before 10am. The dining area is a perked-up comfort zone that takes you down the memory lane of a typical Chinese coffee shop in the spacious "spic and span" area.  And such a nice thing as well to be seated outside facing the sea while tucking into a meal.   

Breakfast spread is the usual as per other hotels. Special I won't say but lots of choices between the Malaysian and Western dishes - nasi lemak, porridge, noodles, fruits, cereals, salad, bread, confectioneries, fresh juice juiced up in front of you and many more indeed.  

For us, quite a sad thing actually with breakfast. We are small eaters and to start the day with lots of food is impossible. Back home, breakfast is hardly included except for a hot beverage. However, such a waste if we don't try this buffet. Other half  had scrambled eggs, potato hash, baked beans and surprisingly included the grilled lamb.

I for a change had the variety of meat and seafood, a little of the savoury Malaysian fare and some desserts too.  

Food I would say not too bad, ambiance really worth the view and service excellent and attentive. Still, we will rank the buffet at Rasa Sayang as better and if you like to know why, read here.      

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  1. Such a big buffet for breakfast !
    Keep in touch

  2. More from E&O? Wow, the interior looks oriental too!

  3. Nice breakfast buffet...after all this, I think I would skip lunch...
    Enjoy your week Nava :D

  4. All this looks sooo yummy! What a grand spread!
    Followed you both via G+ and GFC!
    Do add me back via both :)

  5. This is a feast fit for a king. I love to have big breakfasts and I know I would have had a tough time deciding if there was so much on the menu. Fabulous post Nava!

  6. That is a sumptuous breakfast I would love to eat any day.

  7. last round we went penang wanted to try out their buffet but they were fully book. Means good food there

  8. This place looks lovely and well organized .. great piece of information.. Thanks fr sharing :)


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