Saturday, June 28, 2014

Daily Fresh (Sunway Pyramid, F1.K1) Bandar Sunway

Fresh is the word at Daily Fresh and freshness came in various ways during this invited review. However, sad to say, admittedly I have never heard of Daily Fresh. Perhaps because I don't idle my time at shopping malls and Sunway Pyramid, no doubt I have been to countless times, still again, sorry to say again, I had no clue whatsoever about Daily Fresh. Never mind, like they always say, there is always the first time and sure, indeed, it was an interesting up, close and personal experience. 

Thus, together with the other foodies, I sampled quite a number of items, starting with the various toppings corn items, from the spicy, sweet and buttery toppings. At Daily Fresh, the 100% natural, healthy, low in fat and high in fibre corn kernels are freshly processed and the technique produces the "Non-Cut" whole kernels for retaining nutrients and sweetness. The pure corn and spicy toppings had to be my favourites.  

After sampling the "Corn In Cups", the cups were cleared for the next in line, "IceKimo" - shaved fine ice coming with 8 variances, including with fresh fruits, natural flavored ice and fruit toppings (depending on which you opt for). Mango, pineapple and sour sop were the clear winners for my palate.

Thereafter we tasted the "Wafito" - waffle(s) filled with natural fillings and high quality genuine toppings for the unique taste and flavor to suit each individual's palate, freshly prepared for the crispy texture and waffling aroma.

So far, the tasting experience has been pleasurably pleasant but resting the taste-buds with ice lemon was essential before more items came cruising - "Gelato Tempo" and "Popcorn". The Italian ingredients gelato, based on fusing traditional recipes with modern influences for the simply irresistible "Delizioso!, dispensed from the "One-Shot Dispenser" system (helping franchisees), a unique invention which dispenses a perfect portion for each cup in a hygiene fashion. Whereas the finest quality corn kernels imported from Indiana, USA for the five available flavours popcorn, guarantees a bigger and crunchier corn snack with no MSG and preservatives.

Thank you Daily Fresh and ladies and gentlemen, these convenient, healthy and trendy food available for you at their nearest outlets. 

Daily Fresh Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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  1. vow,, lovely food,, I love corn and those waffles look yum yum!! seems like a great place to me :)

  2. I love waffle and popcorn and this shop has loads of options.

  3. I wish they had a branch in India as well
    Neither do we have the cheese topping on corn, so sad :(
    Happy Weekend
    Keep in touch

  4. Looks like they had some really tasty options for you.

  5. I wish I could eat all of these!! But I am trying to control my weight!! God..I feel so tempted!! :P

  6. loved your clicks and m drooling as I go through Nava... Corn is my fav! n they look so fresh n yum with different flavors!

  7. wow lovely review and love the pictures too good !

  8. lovely post! I wish to have some cup corn right now!

  9. What a feast Nava...both visually and literally! All those beautiful colours and flavours. Loved the review!


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