Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Coconut and Red Bean Ice Cream

Walking around pasar malam/night market I don't enjoy anymore because of the crowd and the parking hassle. Of course I can park further away but these days it is not safe to walk alone even in the broad daylight. Anyway, I really don't see a reason for night market. I stay near a big hypermarket where I buy groceries and what not. But it was a different story those years at the famous SS2 night market. Just five minutes walking distance, in fact at the back row, convenient for a lazy-talk-walk especially to buy the stick home made ice-cream (Nescafe Ice Cream). Those coconut and red bean, jagung/corn, green beans and durian flavours I loved.

Truly its been ages since I eat them and when the craving kicked in, yours truly made her version with the packet coconut milk and boiled red beans with tad bit of sugar - oh-so-yum tasty taste.
Ingredients (more or less depending on how many you like to make and cupcake size)
1/2 box (about 1 cup) coconut milk
1 cup red beans -soak if possible overnight or at least 4 hours
Sugar as needed
Microwave sugar and milk (just to heat through).
Then stir to melt the sugar.
Keep aside.
Simmer red beans with some water till soft.
Remove from heat and combine in sugar.
Pour coconut milk into cupcake cases (depending how much you prefer)
Freeze till hardened.
Bring out and top up with beans.
Freeze and tadaa!!!
Optional; stick in an ice-cream stick before freezing.
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  1. that's an interesting icecream...

  2. vow.. i never heard of this combination.. looks so yumm.. nice recipe :)

  3. Looks very tempting, love the cups.

  4. Looks delicious ! I never taste red bean ice cream !

  5. Wow...... Your pics make me drool !!! Yummy and tasty icecream !

  6. Oh Gosh,Nava! This is great. Just thought of making some red beans ice cream the other day, the old fashioned style. hahahha.. Great to have it during this humid and hot weather. Regards :)

  7. tempting...love this combination

  8. Such an innovative dish! I've never heard about this combo but it looks so yum! Love that you used cup cake cases and the shapes are more attractive than the conventional ones. This is such an inspiring post!

  9. killer combo.. I have tried this in the bubble tea... Ice cream would be good too...

  10. Yum...I love this. When in primary school, i used to buy this from the ice cream man outside our school

  11. They are such an rich & exotic delicasy :)

  12. wow! that's an interesting way to make ice cream! Thumbs up!

  13. Hi Nava, I sure love this. Our super duper hot weather is terrible...definitely need some refreshing ice cream. Thanks for your recipe and great idea to use cupcake liners.

    Have a wonderful day ahead,regards.

  14. Love the way you write frank opinion about the crowd lol parking in front of stalls.Seriously these things get to my nerve too.
    Coconut and red bean that is such a unique combination for ice cream.Looks really yum Nava.

  15. this is interesting,specially good for these hot days...

  16. looks yummy..loved the combo...

  17. I've made so many popsicles (though it is winter here) this week and I am excited to see another one. This is a unique flavour combo and it looks lovely!


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