Thursday, May 15, 2014

Thai Style Fried Chicken

Chicken and fried or fried and chicken? Seldom because the story the same story. Half-half is chicken free and so, I am lazy to make for one person. Yes, that's me, myself and I. Also, I don't really fancy fried chicken or perhaps, I don't mind when the craving kicks in which is hardly. Even if it does, convenient for me to eat out. But when the family comes over, what else is pleasing for the kids except fried chicken. Kids you know how they love fried chicken (Malaysian spicy fried chicken wings and ayam goreng berempah). Indeed their ultimate food. No wonder KFC is forever packed with kiddos.  

So I fried chicken and I fried a different style - first the Thai paste, then mixed with chicken, simmered, cool down, stored in the fridge and fried up before serving.   

½ chicken – cut into bite sizes
Oil for frying
Lime wedges

Thai paste (blend/process with some water)
1 inch lengkuas/galangal
1 serai/lemongrass
5-6 red chilies
1 inch fresh turmeric/kunyit
1 tsp coriander powder
1 tsp cumin powder
Salt for taste 
Mix and marinate chicken in Thai paste.
Put in a pan or wok. 
Simmer and cook till paste dries up and chicken is almost cooked.
(If needed, pour a bit of water)
Remove from heat and cool down.
Cover with a lid and store in the fridge.
Fry up before serving and serve with lime wedges.
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  1. Looks very tempting :-) I love Thai. It must has smelt divine while frying these!

  2. A dish like that on my table will be polished off in minutes! Love that paste and I can imagine what wonders it can do to the chicken! Feeling hungry now...

  3. delicious preparation...nice click

  4. very tempting looking chicken, specially with thai touch in it.

  5. You are working way too hard girl, slow down..
    It looks like tandoori chicken, my bro is going to love it
    Keep in touch

  6. mouthwatering delicious recipe...we are total fans of the flavorful, fresh herbs and spices used...and gorgeous food clicks as always,thanks :-)

  7. Looks lovely r awesome Nava n love the presentation too..

  8. Looks sooo tempting, mouthwatering dish.. delicious, yummy.......

  9. I am a pure vegetarian so can't try this one!

  10. Nice dish Nava but I cant try it....I am a vegetarian....:-)

  11. Omg... Killing pictures... Supero super...

  12. this is an interesting way of frying chicken. Will ask hubs to fry it LOL....coz i dislikes frying :p

  13. Most of the time I only know how to cook lemon chicken, sweet and sour chicken or just simply fried it with breadcrumb and that's it. Now I can add this recipe into my cooking list. =)

  14. OMG! my mouth is watering... so tempting it is :D

  15. I love your delicious chicken, the thai flavouring is lovely :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  16. lovely presentation Nava!! Hope you get a respite from work soon..

  17. Finger licking good.. Looks so tempting dear..

  18. Looks colorful ,yummy & awesome presentation .

  19. I love thai dishes.........This ia tempting and lovely....Thanx for sharing...... :)

  20. I am vegetarian but love the pics n presentation..

    my recent one :

  21. wow!! This looks good leh! Different from korean fried chicken

  22. Tasty fried chicken. Love to have thm with rice. Drooling here Nava. Superb photography

  23. Lovely chicken dish! Thai flavor are great

  24. Is hard for me to find lemongrass xan I try without? It looks so delicious and I know is a crowd pleaser.


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