Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Smile - You Should With Smile Brilliant

My parcel arrived. Even before opening it up, I was already in cloud 9; I've already read and checked out Smile Brilliant in case I need to get it right on how to brighten my teeth. I opened the neatly packed parcel and out came the complete set with instructions as well.

Except for meddling with the battery to light up the LCD, its pretty straightforward. The next few days I was in action; I applied the gel from the pen over my teeth, capped the guards on top, held the LED close to my mouth and sat in front of the tv.
For someone like me who constantly need to talk, it wasn't easy but since my teeth are quite badly stained; coffee and other stuffs; I sat still for 30 minutes with the LED held on.
After that, another 1 hour with just the gel and guards still intact in my mouth. When I removed the guards and washed away the gel, I saw the difference. My teeth didn't sparkle but it was whiter than before. Certainly I continued for the next few days and each time, the sparkle became better. Having said that, I don't dare show off my teeth because I need to continue with the treatment till its picture perfect.
Now comes the moment for all of you. Yes, the whitening system is within your reach.
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Get going, get the set and smile all the way.

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  1. Looks a good one Navneet. .
    Thanks for sharing dear..

    My recent one : http://www.cosmochics.com/reviews/revlon-colorburst-matte-balm-shade-225-sultry-review-swatches-lotd/

  2. I ve heard about this one!! Great review.

  3. sounds great. thanks for sharing.

  4. Looks like an interesting product... I am intrigued..

  5. I am a dentist and interesting to read this!

  6. Wow...this product sounds pretty interesting and unique...thx for sharing dear...:-)

  7. Looks good. So nice of them to send all the way to Msia

  8. As long as the teeth is white n does nt damage it m fine.. thanks fr sharing dear xo

  9. Very interesting post dear, thanks for sharing...

  10. Hi Nava, very interesting. Thanks for sharing with us this useful info.

    Best regards.

  11. very good info...but i doubt whether these products make our teeth sensitive?!

  12. Oh wow! A home care remedy is so convenient! I've tried once at the dentist & the entire session took about an hr!

  13. Looks good, Thanks for sharing the info dear.


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