Monday, May 5, 2014

Rickshaw Ride - (Old Quarter) Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi Rickshaw Ride! As scheduled, as we were already told earlier, after visiting Hoan Kiem Lake/Ngoc Son Temple, and then idling our time away by leisurely walking up and down within the nearby area for an hour plus, we returned to the spot where rickshaw ride will be taking off. Across the road, by then, rickshaws were already lined up, I of course automatically had the honour to one rickshaw all by myself because I am a solo tour group traveller. Prior to hopping inside, we were gently and quietly reminded to tip our driver US1.00. But why? I thought I have already paid for an all inclusive tour, didn't make sense neither click on my mind what's with this tipping, sure, why not? I had no qualms.  

My rickshaw driver who seemingly was akin the biggest shining twinkling star, not only kept grinning at me, he literally, persisted and insisted in taking pictures. Albeit trying our level best in communicating with each other, only so far we could go, but that didn't stop us from constantly smiling and nodding our heads.    
Rickshaw ride took off. What started as a frightening, harrowing, horrifying, hair standing and eye balls almost popping up ride, eventually, slowly, once I held tight to my grip and gist, ride turned out to be exciting, fun, adventurous and bought back my broad smile. I knew it. I knew. Never say die at the skills and expertise of these Vietnamese hell rickshaw riders. They have it, they sincerely know how to manoeuvre from one end to the other, even between the tight narrow lanes, between busses, cars, motorbikes and bicycles, so close to the road side stalls, and  human traffic. Phew! Pow-wow! Excruciating hell fantastic, akin a roller coaster ride. 

Initially, to tell you the truth, I thought I am gonna be crushed in Hanoi's massive traffic, but all's well that ended well once the real-deal, real-time, pop-popping at the back, in front and both sides of me old Hanoi and new Hanoi experience picked up. Hanoi, mind you, Hanoi, has over the years rapidly boomed. Apart from the standing tall preserved buildings, your sight will be welcomed by high end cafes and restaurants, shopping malls and the trend of spending on wedding picturesque has caught too.

On the dot, within the next half an hour, ride was over. Once I got down, I gave what's due for the driver. To my despair, he indirectly demanded, his cheeky smile in fact, literally forced out another US1.00 from me. What? I gave, I didn't want to haggle. Way to go Vietnamese Rickshaw Riders. One up to all of you for the right or wrong reasons. My tour buddies too couldn't believe that they weren't spared.  
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  1. next time in vietnam, tip in Vietnam Dong. They will know they cant mess with you.

  2. Street there seems quite safe ya

  3. rinksha's in India are a bit different , nice pics .. lovely flowers
    Keep in touch

  4. Nava, I must take my hats off you again! Vietnam has the world 's highest road accident rates; & I think you've heard that my son had been hit by a motorbike during his school trip there few months back.

    I love trishaw rides & even those Bangkok ones are kinda scary. Can't imagine riding in one in Vietnam. But I love the thrill tho. Hahaha!

  5. Oh god!!! Wonderfully captured pictures. Seems u enjoyed the ride very well.

  6. Rickshaws in Mumbai are nt like these bt places like Lucknow do hv cycle ones.. Thanks for showing us around :)

  7. I too feel the same when i ride rickshaw .Totally scared ..I am sure going to use ur review when i visit there .

  8. wow..lovely place n beautiful pics...
    my recent one :

  9. I too had the similar thoughts about my safety when I set in a cycle rickshaw for the first time 2 years back.. The place looks like fun..

  10. Nice pictures, funny how the old and the new merge together.


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