Monday, May 5, 2014

Rickshaw Ride - (Old Quarter) Hanoi, Vietnam

Crossing over from Hoan Kiem Lake/Ngoc Son Temple, we waited along the street for the tour guide to guide us into the waiting rickshaws for a ride along the busy Hanoi city. Before that, we were told to tip the driver US1.00 at end of the ride, since I travelled solo, the whole rickshaw was mine. The driver was utmost friendly, he volunteered to take pictures and I happily posed before off we went on the road.
This ride certainly will keep you alert on your toe, but rest assured, you won't depart to heaven. Leave the drivers alone, they know what they doing. Skillful they are while you will be shivering as they take you between the thousands of the hellish motorbikes, cars and buses via the narrow tight lanes. Within the next 10 minutes, you won't worry any more, fun begins once you start looking in front or at the side to see the buildings, the designer outlets, the wedding photography and the city bustling with people and food stalls

At the dot of an hour. the ride was over and I gave a dollar to the driver. He refused to accepted. Not sure what he said but I knew he wanted an extra dollar. I gave thinking that no wonder he offered to take pictures. Then I found out the tour buddies were hassled as well.
The ride no doubt was a fantastic experience, I didn't mind giving the extra dollar but that didn't go down well with the rest of the tour buddies. Any way, everyone sort of acceptable it once we left for lunch.

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  1. next time in vietnam, tip in Vietnam Dong. They will know they cant mess with you.

  2. Street there seems quite safe ya

  3. rinksha's in India are a bit different , nice pics .. lovely flowers
    Keep in touch

  4. Nava, I must take my hats off you again! Vietnam has the world 's highest road accident rates; & I think you've heard that my son had been hit by a motorbike during his school trip there few months back.

    I love trishaw rides & even those Bangkok ones are kinda scary. Can't imagine riding in one in Vietnam. But I love the thrill tho. Hahaha!

  5. Oh god!!! Wonderfully captured pictures. Seems u enjoyed the ride very well.

  6. Rickshaws in Mumbai are nt like these bt places like Lucknow do hv cycle ones.. Thanks for showing us around :)

  7. I too feel the same when i ride rickshaw .Totally scared ..I am sure going to use ur review when i visit there .

  8. wow..lovely place n beautiful pics...
    my recent one :

  9. I too had the similar thoughts about my safety when I set in a cycle rickshaw for the first time 2 years back.. The place looks like fun..

  10. Nice pictures, funny how the old and the new merge together.


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