Friday, May 9, 2014

Nha Hang Thang Long Restaurant - Hanoi (Vietnam)

Bell rang. Loudly. For indicating that this day will permanently close shut our 9 days 8 nights Cambodia/Vietnam tour. Morning was broken in Hoan Kiem Lake, thereafter, Rickshaw Ride frill trill, followed by lunch in Nha Hang Thang Long Restaurant. Seemingly,  generally, I have noted that the ending to a tour is a great one. Great. Whatever it may be, either an overnight stay or a meal, you somehow will be assured the best out of the rest on the last day. Should be, because, remember, we will be evaluating the tour and tour guide later, when we are on our way to the airport? Aha. Catcha. Yes, our feedback, definitely is wanted. Even for this tour, I really wasn't surprise that a special lunch awaited  us. Traditional Vietnamese music, sweet lollipops who not only ushered us in, they stood by for the longest time while we were dining, ambiance really spot-on and tables stylishly set. None of these, mind you should be faulted, I actually fancied all of it. Food too, by far, was a bolt of favours. Traditional typical Vietnamese dishes, beautifully elevated and presented, oh-my-my, some of it I tasted for the first time ever.
Vietnamese rolls   
Steamed fish topped with onion, herbs and veggies.
Herbs Roasted Chicken
Grilled Prawns and Veggies In Skewers
Sugar Cane Grilled Chicken 
Vietnamese Prawn Salad
Vegetarian dishes too fared good. Inviting and interesting tastes, yum factor. I made sure I pinched in for tiny portions, into the galore of heavenly dishes.

Potato Cutlets
Stir Fried Spicy Cabbage
Tofu Mixed Vegetables
Garlic Stir Fried Lettuce Leaves
Crispy Fried Bean Curds
Stir Fried Leafy Green
Vegetable Soup
The sweet, savory and akin a skewer food, or akin a savory lolly sugar cane chicken, as well as the spicy, tangy and tadbit of salty steamed fish were raved the most. Other dishes were not too bad either. Such a loved lunch, one which I think did love bond the tour buddies. Some openly, or maybe forced their contact numbers on others, in the name of selling their popularity. I on the other hand couldn't be bothered. Honestly, what for? Not to say I am not open to new friendship, but, most of them, I thought were braggers. Blowing their trumpets on how many countries they have visited and coming with it crab stories.    
I was just happy I will be returning to the arms of my soul mate other half-half. I missed him so very badly. Returning home to his love by night, over the next cause of two days, I shared with him on what I did in Vietnam and Cambodia for 9 nights 8 days -

Ben Thanh market  -  please bargain, before you are taking for money joy ride.
Golden Puppet Show - seriously, I don't think you should waste your time.
Quan Ngon 138 Vietnamese Restaurant - not bad. Nice ambiance, food is love in this restaurant.
Reunification Palace - Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam  - the walk to back then war era.
War Remnants Museum -  pain and suffering enduring during Vietnam war.
Saigon Post Office - if you are within the same area, you might as well pop by.
Angkor Wat Part 1 - go for it.
Eat @Khmer Restaurant - why not? Good Cambodian food.
Angkor Wat Part 2 - have your lunch, don't forget to return for more splendour.
Artisans d'Angkor - lets support a good cause.
Restaurant Cambodian Kitchen - I have nothing to complain.
Wat Thmey - must do, for appreciating what you have.
Cambodian Cultural Village - skip if you can be bothered.
Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum - overrated, but do experience it.
The Temple of Literature - Nothing great.
One-Pillar Pagoda - wonder why?
Sen Tay Ho Restaurant - mannerism lacking style to eating.
Halong Bay - on your bucket list please.
Halong Bay Lunch On Board - why not?
Eran Cafe - unless you want to shop.
Dong Son Drum Restaurant - I will suggest.
Hoan Kiem Lake - maybe yes, maybe no.
Rickshaw Ride - of course.

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  1. thanks to you we can see virtual tour of all this amazing places, love the idea of using sugarcane as skewers.

  2. Great restaurant....the food looks yummy too...:-)

  3. The food looks so yum. i started salivating looking at the pics.. nice post Navi dear :)

  4. What lovely food! Beautiful place!

  5. nice :)

  6. The food looks lovely and vibrant.

  7. looks yummy! fresh and healthy

  8. YUM! Everything looks so good Nava...I better get myself some food...these pictures really got me hungry.
    Have a great weekend :D

  9. What a variety! All the pictures look so tempting ...the steamed fish and the prawns have me drooling. These reminds me of the images on Food Safari.

  10. sound like the food taste good enough. Would love to taste those

  11. Food looks the post n pics...soo colourful post navi..u r really lucky sweethrt. .

    My recent one :Bourjois rouge edition velvet lipstick 02 frambourjoise !!!

  12. you had great spread!! Looks like a fun place..

  13. Will love to make reservation the food looks delicious.


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