Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Foodpanda - Food Delivery In Malaysia

I sometimes surrender to life’s hectic-ness. Balancing between being a career woman, home affairs minister and married to a man who is absolutely dedicated to his business is possible. Yet it comes with cracks of stress. The thing I hate the most is the hours I spend on the road; manoeuvring via the traffic jam and when it rains, all hell break loose. 

I really wish I can come back home and prepare a meal. But when I come back feeling tired and after the sun has set, I don't have the mood to roll out the pots and pans. I also hesitate to stop by at coffee shops or hawker stalls to pack food. Again; parking and  my concern about walking in the streets. It isn't save any more because the statistics on the high crime rate speaks for itself. While I prefer to come home straight from work, at times I stop by at my friend's place in Sunway. We prefer to “lazily dump ourselves in front of the TV, talk rubbish and who do we call??? None other than Foodpanda!!! 

Ahead before that, we decide on what to order from their website and next; to order online or via their hotline: 03-26-144-155.  Deciding on what to order can be mind boggling for the choices are aplenty. Of course we prefer Malaysian food,

thrown in with beverages too, whichever we feel like at the time. 

Nonetheless, we keep our options open for other types of food e.g.; Starbucks, Kenny Rogers, Sushi King etc. etc. 

Apparently we've been told that other brands are also coming on the way; Food Panda is on the process of collaborating with few other big names as well. Also, besides Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Johor Bahru, the food service will be available in more cities and areas in due course.

We discovered; an easy peasy and without much hassle way of tucking into a meal with options on how to pay and enjoying food at our own comfort. I've spread the word around to my colleagues and friends. And I know for a fact that they've been ordering food not only to be savoured at home but also at their offices; high possibilities due to time constraint of walking or driving from one spot to the other. 

If you’re aware of Foodpanda, I bet you know what to do. For the rest, here’s your chance to get your hands on. Five coupons; each worth RM10.00 is within your reach. Drop your name and address in nava-k’s facebook page and just like the service of Foodpanda; delivery at your door, the voucher will arrived in your postbox (open to Malaysians only).

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  1. I really got stucked on those shakes..mouth watering! :D

  2. I was so happy when I was fist introduced to food panda.. It makes like easy , I am way too lazy to go pick up food
    Keep in touch

  3. Nice to knw abt a new food brand.... :)

  4. everything put up here is absolutely so much yummyy!! its gud to take such nice breaks :) and yes be safe!!

  5. your posts make me hungry every single time :D

  6. Loved the writeup as well as clicks... It is a boon to have such home deliveries during those lazy times.. :)

  7. Never heard before but it offers a great variety.

  8. I too agree with u...Home deliveries are real boon to every working women!!

  9. wow wish i cud have this luxury too...great platter

  10. Mmm, I am feeling hungry, go Food Panda!

    Choc Chip Uru

  11. The thing I hate the most is the hours I spend on the road; manoeuvring via the traffic jam and when it rains, all hell break loose. Malaysia Food


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