Monday, April 21, 2014

Withlocals - Home Dining

I'm aware of home dining concept and I had intentions; to explore and experience it. Yet it remained stagnant and closed up in my thoughts until I was contacted by Withlocals; "The peer-to-peer marketplace where local people offer experiences and their skills to travelers.  Our Mission is to connect people and cultures through food and unique experiences".

So, I chose the host; alongside with the suggestion over Nyonya dishes. Excitement was all over my head because of my love for Nyonya cuisine; to be prepared by our host: Eric Kong. My gang agreed and we drove; taking into consideration the estimated time to reach. Still, we were 15 minutes late; ahh!!! the unpredictable traffic jam on a Friday night and the little issue of looking for the house. 

We were greeted by our host; pleasant, welcoming and a down to earth person. Almost all the dishes were already laid out on the dining table. First thing first; pictures from every angle before we sat to enjoy our dinner. 

The starter/appetizer; the ever popular Nyonya "Pie Tee"; eaten by lining the crispy pastry cups
with salad leaves and filled with the mixture of stir fried vegetables;
atop with a dollop of the sambal/home made chili dip.
The stuffed mini cups were a lovely start; a light dish with a crunch, freshness of the filling and  a mild burst of spiciness.
Soon after, the speed caught up as we went full force; rice with Kerabu Lady Fingers,
Ayam Pongteh,
and Asam Prawns;
alongside with each of us having a bowl of old cucumber soup. I loved the simple and basic flavors. I didn't jump up to the sky yet it settled and sunk into my throat in a yummy way.
We were half way through; eating, chatting and getting to know each other when the fried cuttlefish with sengkuang/turnip
and the appealing steamed fish with sauce were rested among the dishes. Of the two, the fish was a stand-out; fresh and soaked in a tangy sauce. However the portion was a bit big for us. So I can understand why we couldn't finish it off. 
The iced honey lemon concoction was a "smooth operator"; natural goodness of the natural ingredients. We enjoyed the chilled burst in our mouth.
The two desserts: pandan coconut agar-agar/jelly
and steamed pandan glutinous rice with pandan kaya
were a fitted end and embodied the dining experience as a whole. Amidst the deliciousness, we couldn't taste any sugar at all in the agar-agar/jelly; probably Chef Ricky was concern about keeping our sugar levels as low as possible.

Although our dinner was for 2 hours, we left earlier. On our journey back home, we spoke about our first time experience; home dining with Chef Eric and Chef Ricky dining with us. I must admit; the dishes were truly authentic in Nyonya flavors; perfect for the Western perspective because of the subtle spiciness and without being overpowered with Asian herbs. 

Being a typical Asian spicy queen, tad bit of spiciness would have perfected the dishes further. Other than that, we had a great time with the host; talking and laughing about everything under the sun.
You too can jump the wagon and experience the home dining concept; available in other parts of the world as well. I'm certainly looking forward to venturing further on "

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  1. O my Gosh Nava the meal looks so fantastic; fabulous home dining ; i am fascinated with the lovely presentation and the amazing colors coming out of the meal; hope you really enjoyed a lot.. you all are looking nice.. thanks for sharing dear

  2. Love the desserts and stuffed cup.super post nava

  3. I've heard of this interesting concept but have yet to try it. I'm sure it was an awesome experience!

  4. Wow, connect with people through food :)
    So much food , yummy
    Keep in touch

  5. so much options n they look colorful .I too need some spice in evrything unless its a dessert :)

  6. Nava, what a fantastic & beautiful spread. I have read about this concept in the bigger cities here. So glad to read your post!

  7. What fun! The food looks splendid...I would love to sample each dish. They are all new to me :D

  8. Mmm so much to try, and so much time luckily :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  9. Very colorful recipes... Had great time?? Yummy dessert

  10. Think like you had an awesome time.

  11. the food ,pics evrything comes out soo ur presentation..
    yummy desert too

    my recent one :Mac Cream Colour Base Improper Copper !!!

  12. Everything looks so good, and yes I would love to sample each dish too, I'm glad that you'll had a great time :)

  13. The food looks delicious. I think this is quite similar to, which is also a peer-to-peer site which provides unique dining experiences. I have had an amazing getaway to a village over some farm activities and local meal.
    Gonna try WithLocals now!


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