Thursday, April 10, 2014

Safi Rania Gold - Face Scrub

Sometimes it is just perception that imported expensive skincare products are better compared to going local or maybe we just don't want to give ourselves a chance to try. To a certain extent, I was stuck with the same mentality and I was still unsure if I made the right decision to buy this "Made In Malaysia" scrub. Then again, there has been instances even imported products didn't go down well on my skin. Anyway, as I had to replenish my stock for a scrub (Himalaya Apricot Scrub), I didn't mind paying around RM15.00 for this scrub. For that price, if  the scrub doesn't work for my face. I can use it to exfoliate my body.  

Product Description
Safi's Rania Gold facial scrub is mild and pH-balanced to gently deep cleanse pores of impurities whilst keeping your skin moisturised.
Containing Nano-Gold 24k Technology to keep skin supple and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine-lines, and Pearl Protein to help even out your skin tone.
For best results combine with other products from Safi's Rania Gold Range!
Wet hands and face. Spread onto face and massage into skin in an upward direction, making small circles with your fingertips. Rinse clean.

The scrub is packaged in a bright gold tube with a clip open cap. The light yellow texture is creamy and smooth with tiny beads and has a lovely scent. To use, I press out a pea size from the tube and gently scrub my wet face while using a little more pressure on the nose and under the chin to loosen blackheads so that later I can gently press them out.  
This scrub is amazing. The granules are small and not abrasive at all, it doesn't tug at the skin and gives a clean exfoliating feeling. It leaves my skin smooth, bright and didn't break me up. It doesn't dry up but didn't moisture my skin as well. After washing off, I immediately apply a moisturiser to hydrate my skin. I have been using the scrub for almost two months and have not experienced any adverse effects - no discomfort action-reaction. I've recommended this scrub to my friends and they are equally happy. For those who are overly concern about the ingredients, here's what Safi says:

SAFI is the No. 1 HALAL brand in Malaysia consists of a high-quality and comprehensive range of products. Formulated with natural ingredients (alcohol and gelatin-free), it is HALAL-certified by JAKIM. Putting the Halal aspect first and being in line with Syarak requirements, SAFI always ensures that its line of products benefits users and is safe to be used by the entire family. 
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  1. maybe I shall try it someday. as for now I'm focusing on my white/blackhead problem so I'm currently using face scrub with salicylic acid. thanks for sharing this :)

  2. Nice review Nava.the texture looks great

  3. nice review.. I am trying to get my weekly regime but still trying

  4. Hi Nava, thanks for sharing the face scrub. This products sound good.... united with nano 24K pure gold. Will look into it. :))

    Have a nice week ahead,regards.

  5. If u like it so much them I must get in it must be so good for skin.. I hope I get it in india
    Keep in touch

  6. Thanx for the detailed review......great post :)

  7. I have not used this brand before.

    I see it got Halal logo. Good.

  8. Wow..looks nice navi..I love the packaging too..great review

    My recent one :

  9. Good review dear..I am not a big fan of cosmetic products but this scrub looks good...

  10. Good that you didn't regret buying it.. thanks for the review..

  11. Oh nice review Nava.. never used the brand before dear.. thanks for sharing with us your experience.. plus scrub best goes in summer n summers are on :) thanks sweety :*

  12. I love reading abt products that I have nt heard of .. it seems good.. Thanks fr sharing with us :)

  13. Looks like a nice product with gold particles


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