Monday, April 28, 2014

Hoan Kiem Lake/Ngoc Son Temple - Hanoi,Vietnam

Today is the finale to the 9 days 8 nights tour in Cambodia and Vietnam, a  half a day tour and lunch before home sweet home. First stop after breakfast (Mercury Hotel) was at Hoan Kiem Lake which is also the link to Ngoc Son Temple. Not knowing anything about the significance of the lake, we just strolled to cover the entire area before walking into the turtle temple.

Promoted as a tourist attraction, perhaps an hour is good enough to walk around to gasp some understanding about why this place also attract the local community.    

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  1. Such beautiful photographs, Nava. The serenity and positivity echoes here. Loved this peaceful.

  2. Vietnam is a lovely place,,, beautiful pics.. loved them all dear :)

  3. this place looks so serene & beautiful..lovely pics dear...

  4. Beautiful clicks Nav. I have yet to explore South East Asia and your blog definitely will be my virtual tour guide :D

  5. The place seems to have lots of Chinese words instead. The bright red bridge is so fascinating.


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