Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Dong Son Drum Restaurant - Hanoi (Vietnam)

On the second last day in Vietnam, basically, yesterday, we cruised as well had a great meal while cruising back to where we started (Halong Bay lunch on board). In the afternoon, by the time we were done in  Eran Cafe, time had caught up for dinner. Dinner opened up impressively in Dong Son Drum Restaurant. A huge, stylish restaurant within the owner's private museum, showcasing 2,000 year old bronze drums and other ancient artifacts housed in glass cases. Truly showy, for some reason or rather, honestly, I didn't really pay attention, nor I was mind blown away. I just glimpsed at all of it while passing by, prior to being seated at the dining area.  

Already pre-booked, as always, as I have spoken about it in my previous articles too, whenever you travel in a tour group, dinner started off boldly. Should be. Akin roll out the barrels, I mean when appetizer is fried anchovies, teamed alongside a mix of salt, sugar, black pepper, red chillies and lime juice. Oh my god! What a triumph trumpet, I just so loved the spiciness, saltiness, sweetness, sourness, that packing a big punch tastes for for waking up me instantly. I was really happy, honestly, I actually looked forward to more, then again, with the rest of the dishes rolling out from the kitchen, one after the one, I didn't persist.  

Steamed Glutinous Rice was next. One of a kind and unique, glutinous rice filled with minced pork tasted different. Rather filling, mind you, just a tiny piece will conquer grip your hunger. While tucking, we also simultaneously nibbled into Fried Vietnamese Roll. Vietnamese Rolls again and again? Seemingly.  

Food for cleansing, for putting a balance between the two dishes we already had was Vegetarian Claypot Tofu. Wasn't an instant game changer, its simple taste I believe was appreciated by those who were watching their diet.  
The other bed to healthiness was Steamed chicken. Of course, undeniably, steaming is far out better compared to frying, no smell, soft and moist chicken didn't actually stand out with big bold flavours, then again, what can you pretty much expect from such a dish? Nothing much right? I know. 
I can't comment on the Fried Beef Cutlets, paired with a spicy dip. Sorry guys, beef is a taboo for me.
Steamed Ginger Coriander Clams on the other hand brought a broad smile on my face. I loved clams. These chewable clams were just so good. Mind you, not a great dish, but the role play of ginger and herbs justified why I enjoyed every bit of it.   
We also had a choice to the Vegetable Soup, which by far, was a perfect fit for vegetarians. I rested my case on this almost tasteless soup. 
Our sweet note ending was rather a disappointment. I was expecting some sort of Vietnamese dessert, I didn't even bother with the fresh fruits. .
Having said that, even though not all of these dishes were winners, there were definitely some which stood out, we all eventually agreed that its been a nice dining experience in Dong Son Drum Restaurant

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  1. Sounds interesting Navs loved the clicks :D

  2. Really loved the pics..great clicks and nice post!! :)

  3. Looks like a really fancy restaurant..
    Block of rice, interesting
    Keep in touch

  4. Really good....love ur pics...........

  5. Makes me drooled for it!
    "Steamed glutinous rice that came in a big block"
    I am feeling very very hungry right now

  6. It feels great when we get nice food while travelling!! Makes travelling more fun..

  7. Omg...so many dishes... I like anchovies, vietnam rolls & clay pot tofu. Nice clicks & write up

  8. lovely post n great pics navneet
    Love u <3
    my recent one :http://www.indianbeautyforever.com/2014/04/bourjois-blush-rose-ambre-review.html

  9. Omg the food look so delicious I want to go there.


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