Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Dong Son Drum Restaurant - Hanoi (Vietnam)

On the second last day in Vietnam, we cruised at Halong Bay and had lunch on board while returning back to the harbour. In the afternoon, we visited Eran Cafe before arriving at this impressive, huge and stylish restaurant within the owner's private museum, which showcases 2,000 year old bronze drums and other ancient artefacts housed in glass cases. Very showy, though I only quickly glimpsed at the surrounding as I walked to the dining area.   

Already pre-booked, dinner was impressive as well. Somewhat different dishes compared to the other restaurants we have been to so far. I loved the fried ikan bilis with the mixture of salt, sugar, black pepper and red chillies as a dip for the "heat is on" kick.

The steamed glutinous rice was another first time trying, certainly quite filling.
And the rest of the dishes, the usual ones - fried Vietnamese rolls
claypot tofu
Steamed chicken
Fried beef cutlets with a spicy dip
Steamed ginger coriander clams
 Vegetable soup
and dessert, fresh fruits.
Quite a nice meal in a beautiful ambiance we agreed as we walked out, we then got into the coach to return to the hotel.

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  1. Sounds interesting Navs loved the clicks :D

  2. Really loved the pics..great clicks and nice post!! :)

  3. Looks like a really fancy restaurant..
    Block of rice, interesting
    Keep in touch

  4. Really good....love ur pics...........

  5. Makes me drooled for it!
    "Steamed glutinous rice that came in a big block"
    I am feeling very very hungry right now

  6. It feels great when we get nice food while travelling!! Makes travelling more fun..

  7. Omg...so many dishes... I like anchovies, vietnam rolls & clay pot tofu. Nice clicks & write up

  8. lovely post n great pics navneet
    Love u <3
    my recent one :http://www.indianbeautyforever.com/2014/04/bourjois-blush-rose-ambre-review.html

  9. Omg the food look so delicious I want to go there.


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