Friday, April 11, 2014

Asian Egg Mayonnaise Sandwiches

Bread, oh, bread - arghh! Not for me, usually for my other half when he is around for dinner. This time, I had another valid reason as well. With the water crises, sandwiches I knew can be easily and quickly fixed up. These sandwiches probably you have made before because they are just ordinary and as said, a quick fix, or lunch box meal for your kids or your meal at work when you don't feel like socialising over a meal with colleagues. Alternatively, if these sandwiches are not tempting enough, perhaps would like to try the basil dried prawn paste sandwich or mint mushroom burger.

Ingredients (estimate -minus or plus as per taste)
3 hard boiled eggs - chop the whites and keep the yolks intact.
2 sprigs spring onion - chopped
2 shallots - chopped
1/2tbsp butter
1 tbsp mayonnaise
Crushed pepper and salt for taste
6 slices of bread - toasted (with or without the crust)
Cucumber slices - as needed
Tomato slices - as needed
Cheese slices - as needed
Add the first six ingredients into a bowl.
With a fork, mix and stir all together.
Spread the egg mixture on the toast.
Top with cucumber, tomato and cheese.
Then another toast.
Optional: chilli sauce for spiciness.
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  1. O my Gosh the lovely presentation ever.. .. Lovely sandwiches happy weekend dear hope the water problem get resolved soon :-)

  2. Yum yum ...I love them...

    My recent one :

  3. Very tempting and filling sandwich.

  4. Water problem can drive one crazy, my my mum get so stressed when it gannets in our area..
    These sandwiches are perfect for my bro , will pass this recipe to him
    Keep in touch

  5. Yummy sandwich dear....this is the one I always prefer from university too love spiciness :)

  6. Tempting yummy sandwich. love it

  7. Hi Nava, I love this, very appetizing. Beautiful presentation. Next time you can try add mash potatoes, very tasty.

    Have a nice weekend.

  8. Guess what, Nava? I just made a tub of egg mayo today too! I make these every week, cause they're so convenient to eat. My hubby & son can help themselves to the egg mayo in the fridge anytime they feel hungry.

    I'm so sorry to learn of your water shortage. Feel so bless living in SG.

  9. These sandwitches are my absolute favourite.. yummy .. Thanks fr sharing dear

  10. Shiok! My favourite esp for breakfast!

  11. Happy weekend with a lovely sandwich

  12. I love this egg sandwiches, love the cream eggs in between a slightly toasted bread...yum!
    Have a lovely weekend Nava :D

  13. Loved that creamy sandwich..Looks so delish.. Very well presented..

  14. I can understand the situation of water pbm....which I came across earlier....hoping that it wub be solved soon....Yummy yummy the way u presented....

  15. I am going to try this one with whole wheat bread. Awesome click

  16. perfect & simple sandwich (for waterless day ! )

  17. Lovely variation of egg salad sandwich. How crappy the water shortage must have been but on the positive side, this eggcellent post was born!

  18. What a delicious, creamy sandwich, it looks so mouthwatering :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  19. Its like water scarcity over there ?Or some problem with your water line ?Anyway its bit hectic i know .These sandwiches are a rain in a dry land right .Looks so good ,my hus likes a kick to his dish as well.

  20. Water crisis, defenitely spoiles our normal life-tone. I, do pray that it gets resolved :) Egg sandwiches looks great :)

  21. I love meal ideas like this one! The extra touch of chilli sauce will be a must for me. Sorry to hear about the water problem, I hope things gets better on your end. Have an awesome day! :)

  22. I hope your water problem has been resolved. Despite that you are posting such a fabulous collection of recipes. I love such a hassle free kind of dish that does not compromise on flavours.

  23. This looks quote tempting Nava... :)


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