Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Taste Garden - Kota Kemuning. Shah Alam

Kota Kemuning has and is still growing at a tremendous phase. In return it ain't a boring township any more. While the traffic jam is something I drag about, we now have plenty of options for food; coffee shops, hawker stalls, fast food outlets and restaurants. In fact, we've passed by "Taste Garden" numerous times because its situated across McDonalds and George Chuah's Nasi Lemak Stall on the other side

I've many a times coaxed my other half and finally, he agreed; a lunch meal in this restaurant.
The menu is quite basic yet you can round up on what to order. Their specialty is home made/rolled noodles alongside with fish as the star ingredient.

Breakfast meals with the concept of "healthy start for the day" is also offered here.
The home made noodle soup was the appropriate choice for someone like me who prefer noodles in broth or "soupy noodle". On the other hand, my other half opted for the dry fish noodle set. Except for waiting for the meals, everything else we needed; spoons and chopsticks, chili dip and soy sauce etc etc were there on our table.
My bowl of soupy noodle had good flavor; silky soft noodles, fish cakes, salad leaves, fried garlic shallots and spring onions soaked up in fish broth. 
It was beautiful in appearance and beautiful in taste. My other half's dry fish paste noodle was equally good; served with a bowl of fish soup with salad leaves swimming inside. 

We also called for a plate of fried fish dumpling; crispy fried and piping hot; almost right out from the frying pan. 
As we eat, we added the chili dip on and over the dishes.
The chili dip wasn't a knock out. In fact it lacked the typical Malaysian spicy level; obviously the "oommph"was missing. Well, we were slightly disappointed. For us,  a spicy and flavourful sambal/chilli dip is an important facet to sharpen and add zest for whichever meals what so ever.  Nevertheless, we still continued eating while sipping the pineapple icy drink 
and Chinese tea.
I had one more order waiting;  a warm combo of barley with gingko nuts which I didn't regret ordering.  
As indicated in the menu, the dishes are reasonably priced; almost the same you pay at hawker stalls. The restaurant is clean, spacious and when we were here, we noticed that the owner was around; probably/maybe an indicator for the "alert" customer service at:

10A, Jalan Anggerik Vanilla U 31/U
Kota Kemuning
Shah Alam.

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  1. I like noodles in broth.. Never try this soup next time I go out to eat Chinese, hope its avaliable india
    Keep in touch

  2. Feels to try everything... :) great pics...and enjoyed the entire post :)

  3. Good that you had overall good experience.. Lovely clicks, Nava..

  4. Malaysia sure has plenty of good eateries as I seem to like everything you eat. Or maybe its your choice of restaurant and menu!


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