Sunday, March 16, 2014

Richfield Corner Restaurant & Bar

Richfield Corner isn't the most happening place to hang out but its sure a decent place; corner lot nicely done up. You can opt where you like to sit; at the spacious garden setting outside or inside where the bar is. The inside area however can get cramped up and noisy when the band starts playing, We weren't keen in listening to the band, therefore we sat outside and across the pool table.

Anyway, loud and happening latest discos and clubs aren't my cup of tea anymore. I now prefer to catch up with friends over drinks and food at places like Richfield. Customers who frequent it are more on the older age group and they sure know how to have fun in their own ways without disturbing or interrupting the rest. We arrived before 7.30pm, ordered a bottle of Macallan whisky alongside with our meals.
Choices for meals are quite substantial; local and western dishes.

The local dishes: fried mee hoon and
mutton fried rice
were well executed; tad bid of spiciness and presented in a nice package; fried eggs seated on top with slices of cucumber on the side. I wanted something different; it was lamb burger accompanied with french fries and chili sauce.
Honestly, the lamb patty tasted similar to the ready made ones you pick up in supermarkets and weren't anything close to those I've had before in The Hungry Hog, Big Hug, The Burger Factory or myBurger Lab. Nonetheless it married well with the cheese, veggies and onions in the burger bun.
We finished off our food, continued with jabbering and drinking. The hours caught up and when the bottle of whisky was completely dripped off, we left for home sweet home.

Richfield is situated at:
N0 24, Jalan SS3/5
University Garden
Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-78658908

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  1. food, drinks and friends are such a lovely combination .....glad to know you had a lovely time.

  2. A perfect meal it would appear :D
    A lovely time must have been had by all!

    Choc Chip Uru

  3. thx...liked that you clicked the menu.....can have an looks gud relaxable...have a nice time

  4. The lamb burger sounds irresistiable,
    lovin spending time with bunch of friends while enjoying good food too!!!

  5. loving the menu Nava.. want everything :P lovely clicks my dear

  6. From outside the restaurant look plain. Wow...inside impressive. Food sound good

  7. Looks like a calm and cozy place..

  8. Seems like u had an awesome time :)

  9. the place looks good and tyhe food is yummy too :)


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