Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Halong Bay - Lunch on board

As the boat slowly drifted from the cave to return to the harbour (Halong Bay Part 1), it is the same scenery again and again. Still, such a mesmerising one, but after a while can be boring. To keep the beat going, it is the excitement of tucking into the freshly cooked lunch on board. So, we sat back while food is prepared, slowly the dishes came out from the kitchen at about past 12pm. Lots of fresh seafood until too much to stomach, taste-wise, acceptable but I wouldn't say the tastiest. Pretty much a basic style of cooking, more to eating, it was such a nice feeling of simultaneously cruising, chatting and fun if you are with fun loving people.

Steamed prawns paired with soy sauce.
Stir fried mussels
Squids stir fried with onion and tomato
Fried Vietnamese Rolls
Steamed veggies
Stir fried carrot and leek with chillies
Stir fried cabbage
Veggies with tofu
Spicy tofu with black fungus
French fries
and fried potato balls
Quite a filling meal, we got down at the pier and next to Eran Coffee.

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  1. Wow, such a breath taking place to have this fantastic meal... awesome Nava...

  2. good food and beautiful scenery! What more can one ask for =)

  3. wow the lovely healthy menu.... hope you have enjoyed a lot nava dear

  4. Such beautiful place, fresh seafood, vegetables and all delicious foods ,Love it :)

  5. All that wonderful food made me salivate despite the fact that I just finished my dinner :P

  6. vow.. lovely pictures and the food pics in yr post always makes me hungry.. hahaha :)
    Thanks fr sharing
    Do check out my latest post too.. Thank u ♥

  7. Wow it reminds me of my kerala trip at alampuzha .Fantastic foods and very nice experiance

  8. It's pretty damn a festive dishes in a small boat, i guess you've enjoying your journey then!!!

  9. you have me drooling at the food especially the prawns.

    Hmmm yea....too much of scenery can be....ahem ahem

  10. Those seafood certainly caught my attention. Haven't been to Halong Bay for the longest time.......

  11. The place is simply beautiful.....and the seafood is really delectable......n all ur pics are great and love ur way of presentation :)

  12. A beautiful location and fantastic food? Great luxury :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  13. They all look mouthwatering :) Beautiful photos.

  14. great clicks.. great to know you had fun..

  15. Love the complete environment and the food is delicious. The tofu dish is mouth watering. Great shots of food.


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