Thursday, March 13, 2014

Grilled Fish With Taucheo Chili Dip

It’s been six days and we are patiently still waiting for something positive about MAS MH370. Again, new possibilities and new theories yet nobody can nail down on: "What actually took place and where is the plane?".  I personally don't know any of the passengers who flew on the plane yet it’s painful to hear and see; loved ones and relatives tearing, sobbing and hoping. We've keeping our fingers crossed and with the rest of the people in the world, we are praying for the save return of the plane: "Oh God, please answer our prayers". 

Now over to the recipe. I usually prefer local catch; reasonably priced and fresh. Of course, you can opt for other types, firm fish suitable for grilling. Grilling again depends; on the BBQ pit, in the oven or over portable grill on the stove. For the dip, I added taucheo;  fermented soy paste. Needless to say, it accentuated a hint of saltiness and merged well with the rest of ingredients. 
Credit:  Yuen Chun

Simply cooked and without frills, the grilled fish and dip had a good burst of Asian flavours. 

4 pieces of ikan kembung/fish - wash, pat dry and rub tad bit of salt all over. 

For the taucheo chili dip
2 fresh red chilies
3 garlic
** pound/process roughly
1 tsp taucheo
Lime juice - as needed
Sugar - as needed
White part of spring onions - as needed (sliced/chopped)
1-2 tbsp of hot water
Pour a bit of oil in a heated portable grill. .
Grill fish on both sides till cooked; light brown in color yet still tender and moist.
Remove and keep aside.
Mix the ingredients for the dip and serve together.
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  1. I am going to try that dip as dressing for my salad. looks yum. BTW that yogurt soup was yum.

  2. wow! nice pictures and recipes. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Look forward to follow you.

  3. Really that incident makes all of us shock and no answers till the way your fish makes me mouthwatering eventhough I did not eat seafoods.super nava

  4. It's always painful to hear of these disasters. I'm also following the news closely, wishing for the best.

    This looks like a Teochew dish with the taucheo. I'm a Teochew & my dad used to eat fish this style.

  5. Easy preparation....healthy recipe

  6. Oh God! What a colourful photos. Grilled fish tastes nice with that wonderful dip. Yummy...

  7. Wow this fish luks delicious.....

  8. Hi Nava, your this grilled fish and taucheo dipping sauce look so appetizing. I sure need 2 bowls of rice. Really good, 2 thumbs up for you.

    Have a nice week ahead.

  9. I usually shallow fry fish, Not yet tried griled fish.

  10. the dip looks too yummy..I'm sure it tasted too great with grilled fish..lovely clicks dear...

  11. i have yet to try grilled fish. That looks very tempting. Great picture

  12. Yz lets pray to God to answer our prayers....n really mouthering recipe for grilled fish and the dip looks heavenly......

  13. Oh I wish some miracle happens and all is fine with the sad....
    Fish looks delicious....can't say much I am a vegetarian after all..

  14. Fish looks delicious and tempting dip...

  15. Hope god answers everybody's prays and plan is found..
    I am going to give dip a try , it looks so tempting
    Keep in touch

  16. Me encanta el pescado se ve delicioso,abrazos.

  17. Something as large as a plane could go missing really hard to believe.

    The grilled fish and the dip looks awesome.

  18. Thanks fr sharing the recipe.. lovely as always ..:)
    Please check out the latest post on my blog too.. Thank u ♥♥

  19. It feels sad and painful what those families are going through .
    Btw the fish looks yum

  20. A very new dish ! but looks so yum and tempting !

  21. Good recipe, wonderful pictorial presentation!

  22. Yes nava, missing plane has been question for all your prayers, only He knows the answers.... Grilled fish looks great with delecious sauce :)

  23. wow....wonderfully grilled and captured well

  24. me too wshg that all are safe.....
    coming to the recipes will make anyones mouth water...healthy and yummy

  25. Prayers..
    The recipe and the riot of colors look great..

  26. You can make grilled fish look so beautiful Nava. The dip as usual is packed with flavour. I am hungry every time I look at your photographs:-)
    I am checking the news several times for an update..high time the plane is located!


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