Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Temple Of Literature - (Hanoi) Vietnam

Another fast and quick journey from One Pillar Pagoda, we were dropped off at the side of the road where Temple Of Literature is. Madness. Whole street jammed up and people walking in and out of Temple Of Literature, I couldn't immediately figure out what was going on. Honestly, wasn't a conducive scene, I really don't like such a scene, being among thousands of people. Later, once we walked in, it clicked my mind that there is some sort of auspicious event going on. Dancing and singing on the stage, with literally aplenty locals sitting and swarming within the open area inside, clapping and cheering. Made sense now, still, I think its not the day for me. 

Subsequently, after seeing the stone sculptures and artifacts just as we made our inside, I took further more steps into Temple Of Literature. Initially constructed to honour Confucius and later to recognise doctorates and high rank scholars of Vietnam, basically to initiate education among the locals. At the far end last courtyard, there is a small temple, where of course you say a prayer or two, I didn't want to crowd myself inside anymore. Quickly I walked back to the entrance, way earlier than I am suppose to, when the rest of my tour buddies gathered again, off we left to Sen Tay Ho (West Lake Lotus) Restaurant. 

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  1. lovely clicks dear... BTW whats that snack?????

  2. Each post of yours makes me feel that I travel all around :)
    Lovely pics n neatly clicked :)

  3. Plants in the temple are so gorgeous.. I like all the antiques too... Ya what us the snack !
    Have a great week

  4. Thanks again for the virtual tour!! The place looks interesting..

  5. Interesante reportaje me imagino la rica comida saludable felicitaciones,hugs,hugs-

  6. Wow, awesome pictures Nava...thank you so much for sharing them!
    Have a wonderful week my dear :D

  7. I feel like I was there. Very sharp photos :)

    Am not so sure that I will dare to try out the street food there as my stomach not that strong

  8. I love this, literally worshipping the building blocks of the cultural world :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  9. Thanks for sharing the historical pictures Nava :) very surprised to see as it was constructed in 10th century :) whenever i get a chance i wish to visit there too.. just love to visit the historical places.. Thanks for sharing beautiful clicks .. Love

  10. Beautiful clicks thanks for sharing :)

  11. Lovely post n pretty clicks navi

    My recent one : http://www.wellnessandvanity.com/2014/02/25/mac-fix-review-pictures-fotd/


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