Sunday, February 23, 2014

Siew Yoke (Chinese Roast Pork) With Chili Ginger Dip

Seldom, seldom. Pork I seldom cook because half-half is pork free. I however love-love pork. Suppose I suppose sometimes in love we have to compromise. Give in and take, take all the time or give in all the time. Confusing right relationship as said?? Well, no hard and soft rules. Guess all depends on make the "love work". So, while you ponder about how to spice up your love, here we have today the other type of pork roast or siew yoke. CHAR SIEW slightly sweet because pork belly is marinated with honey or in a confusing love we say "no money no honey". Honey for the sweet burst but you can control. Add little or more as per taste.

This siew yoke I made for the first time after the lengthy chat with colleagues. Each had their version - from the authentic restaurant style to the practical workable home style. So, its good to hear out to opinion and make your own version.  As usual and as always, I like to simplify everything, from the ingredients to the cooking technique. Want to know how?? - here we go for the crispy crack-crackling, good burst of taste and siew yoke paired with the chilli ginger dip/sauce.
For the roast
1 piece (about 200g pork belly - rinse and pat dry
2 pieces fermented soy curd - gently mash
1 tbsp ginger paste
1/2 tbsp Chinese wine (optional)
1 tsp five spice powder
Sugar for taste
Black pepper for taste
Salt (only if needed because soy curd is already salty)

For the dip
3-4 fresh red chillies
1/2 inch ginger
Lime juice - as needed
Sugar - as needed
Salt - as needed
For the roast
Marinate pork with all the ingredients for at least 4 hours.
Spray or rub oil on a baking tray.
Place pork with the marinate over.
Bake at 180C for about 45 minutes.
After that, carefully pour out/scoop out the dripping.
Continue to bake till pork is crispy and cooked (another 15min or so).
(Note: adjust baking time to prevent pork from being overcooked)

For the dip
Pound/process chillies with ginger.
Add lime juice, salt and sugar.
Stir and serve with roast.
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  1. I don't eat pork but you have presented it well.

  2. I am going to try out the dip as it looks like the one we get with momos
    You you have any recipe for monos dip please share
    Happy Sunday

  3. I don't eat pork Nava but looks nice...

  4. looks delicious n i love the clicks
    i dnt eat pork but would love to try dip..thnx for sharing ...

    my recent one :

  5. Am drooling. I hv tried making this once. Not successful. :( will try your recipe

  6. Loved the vibrant colors in the photos!! You have great sense of styling!!

  7. I have never had pork and reading through the ingredient list and the process of cooking I can imagine how good this roasted one must be.

  8. delicious looking pork Nava, I just imagine with that dip and sure making me want some now :-)

  9. looks super delicious ...going to try this soon..

  10. I always get very fascinated by non-Chinese cooking our cuisine, & you've presented it so well. I like how you've also added fermented beancurd to the dish. Amazing, Nava!

  11. Another fabulous recipe. I eat this a lot and love that you simplified it for everyone to try.I will have to grab a jar of fermented soy curd soon. Great photographs as usual.

  12. Looks delicious! I love Chinese food and would love to try this!


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