Saturday, February 22, 2014

Royal Hotel And Villa (Halong Bay) Vietnam

We journeyed for more than 4 hours from Sen Tay Ho restaurant to Halong Bay. Most of us slept through all the way; we were tired because we woke up very early in Mercury Hotel and walked throughout the first half of the day in Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, One Pillar Pagoda and The Temple of Literature. Nonetheless, we knew that it was raining. And when we arrived at the hotel, we froze as the weather was so cold and the wind was blowing in all directions. While the porters carried our luggage and the tour guide sorted out our rooms, we were ushered to the restaurant for our dinner.

There were varieties; vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes prepared in Cambodian Chinese style. We surely had plenty to eat, in fact more than enough. Rice was served with two different types of soups; clear vegetarian soup and egg corn seafood soup.

With the mains of grilled lobsters, flour coated prawns and soy chili fish,

we also tucked into other sides; veggies, sausages stir fried with onions and vegetarian dishes.

The seafood dishes were completely wiped out and I think the portions for vegetarian dishes were too much for 3 people. Overall, all the dishes came through with taste and flavors. But it wasn't anything special because  we agreed that we've savored such dishes in other restaurants in our respective countries. 

We adjourned to the our respective rooms bearing in mind that it will be another early day for a cruise ride to Halong Bay;  a UNESCO world heritage site.   

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  1. Good to know they were generous with the portion size!!

  2. food yum ...beautiful clicks..n lovely place
    my recent one :

  3. I love the food. Suits me. I dare not try too exotic dishes :p

  4. Awesome clicks and mouth watering.


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