Saturday, February 22, 2014

Royal Hotel And Villa (Halong Bay) Vietnam

Silence was golden throughout the long journey from Sen Tay Ho restaurant to Halong Bay. A tiring day it has been for waking up before the clock struck 6am at Mercury Hotel and then you walk I walk we walked at Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, One Pillar Pagoda and The Temple of Literature. Just before reaching Halong Bay, we were as alert as the street lights because rain has lashed and hunger game has struck. As we got down from the coach, we were warned to watch our steps as the pavement was slippery while the breezy breeze can blow us up to the roof. Anyway, carefully we dashed into the hotel leaving the luggage to the porters.  

Nothing was more important at that point of time except food at the restaurant right beside the lobby. As soon as we sat, the vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes came one after the other.  
Clear vegetable soup
Egg soup
Vietnamese grilled prawns
Batter fried prawns
Steamed fish
Sausage with onion
Soy and vegetable
Tofu in a light sauce

The whole lock,stock and barrel totally wiped off while praising the tastes and flavours, seafood dishes definitely fared better compared to the vegetarian dishes, but to say they were true authentic Vietnamese dishes may not be right. Some closely resembled our local Chinese style of cooking, also strange how opinion varied  while and after eating. Once the tummies were fully packed to the rim, I heard the friends saying - Okay lah, boleh lah and can lah.  

After dinner a lazy walk to the room for  a good rub a dub under the shower, thereafter snoozing off for its gonna be another early kick start leaving the hotel by  8am to cruise on the waters of Halong Bay.    

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  1. Good to know they were generous with the portion size!!

  2. food yum ...beautiful clicks..n lovely place
    my recent one :

  3. I love the food. Suits me. I dare not try too exotic dishes :p

  4. Awesome clicks and mouth watering.


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