Thursday, February 20, 2014

Restoran Mohd Chan - Kota Kemuning (Shah Alam)

Restoran Mohd Chan - been around in Kota Kemuning for some time, yet only recently we stopped by for a Sunday dinner. A spacious corner lot "Chinese-Halal" restaurant with quite an inviting ambiance, we sat outside as the weather was perfect after "rain drops has fallen". But within 5 minutes, we regretted. Mosquitoes became too friendly and slowly started enjoying our blood. To shift focus to the air-conditioned dining area was impossible since groups of families had invaded the tables.Though a little concern if we will be the next "denque victims", mosquitoes soon were forgotten because unclear we were what to order as aplenty there on the menu.  

To cut short the long discussion including with the waiter, we then called for steamed dim sum, loh mee, ice sirap bandung cincau and nasi goreng seafood. In a jiffy arrived the dim sum accompanied with chilli sauce atop the brown sauce. Not too bad this appetizer, fresh prawn tucked in wanton skin and eaten after "dip-dip" in the sweet-spicy mixed sauces.
Almost overspilling with thick yellow noodles, various types of seafood, veggies, topped with fried shallots and in a thick broth, the loh mee was tasty. However, sort of a mumbo-jumbo, anything can go into the dish perhaps the chef's philosophy for the hearty portion and paired with the same chilli sauce which was salty whereas the sirap bandung cincau, a likeable drink. 

Similar to the loh mee, over generous amount of prawns, fish balls and fish cakes, fried with rice, egg and soy sauce "Nasi Goreng Seafood"and paired with birds eye chillies in soy sauce. Taste-wise, acceptable. Half-half almost polished off this dish and drank up the Hot Milo Kosong.  

Mohd Chan is the place for reasonably priced big portions of food (RM26.00). The meal was overall okay but slim the chance of us returning again. Sad to say not our kind of food.     
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  1. Restaurant looks great for non- vegetarian s.. But for me the pink colored drink looks nice...

  2. I want those momos
    Keep in touch

  3. wow...such a tempting to have them alll..

  4. Lovely clicks! I am a foodie too and like experimenting with food!
    The food looks so delicious!

  5. Good post Nava . Thank u for sharing

  6. Its great to visit different places .WE always love to eat at the restaturant that we know well ,otherwise i feel that it doesnt suit me ...

  7. my god the food is so yummy :)

  8. Your choice of food is always great! What a delicious array of dishes!

  9. Think this is another good restaurant... Lovely review

  10. The menu looks good with lots of choices. Gosh, I must've missed a lot of your posts. Sorry I've been too busy. Time to catch up!


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