Thursday, February 20, 2014

Restoran Mohd Chan - Kota Kemuning (Shah Alam)

Restoran Mohd Chan has been around in Kota Kemuning for some time. Yet it was only recently that we decided to stop by for our Sunday dinner meal. It's situated in a spacious corner lot; beautifully set up and quite an inviting ambiance. Since the weather was chilly and cool, we opted to sit outside.

But do consider the air-conditioned dining area to stay away from being bitten by mosquitoes.
We kept the friendly foreign waiter on his toe for a while because we couldn't decide on what to order from the extensive menu.

The waiter suggested and we concluded on what to order. The plate of steamed dim sum served with chili and soy sauce was a perfect choice as an appetizer; light and freshly steamed prawn parcels.
At this point, our mains and drinks were brought over. My bowl of "Loh Mee"was packed with different types of seafood, veggies, thick yellow noodles and topped with fried shallots. I didn't know which to attack first but as usual, I slurped the thick seafood based broth. The flavors were there and I wouldn't say anything nasty.
Yet I felt that it was like a "mumbo jumbo""; thrown in with almost anything the chef could grab. The chili sauce was the same as for the dim sum but without the soy sauce.
I couldn't take the salty taste and only so much of whatever that was in the bowl was pushed down my throat. Nonetheless, the sirap bandung cincau was a likable thirst quencher. 
My other half also felt that the chef who prepared his nasi goreng seafood was "over generous"" with the amount of prawns, fish balls and cakes and soy sauce. 
However, he fared better job than me. He filled his stomach a fair bit of the rice with hot milo.
This halal Chinese restaurant is recommended if your palate accepts salty food and big portions of food; reasonably priced because all in we paid RM26.00. Well, you don't have to come all the way to Kota Kemuning for there's outlets in other areas too.
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  1. Restaurant looks great for non- vegetarian s.. But for me the pink colored drink looks nice...

  2. I want those momos
    Keep in touch

  3. wow...such a tempting to have them alll..

  4. Lovely clicks! I am a foodie too and like experimenting with food!
    The food looks so delicious!

  5. Good post Nava . Thank u for sharing

  6. Its great to visit different places .WE always love to eat at the restaturant that we know well ,otherwise i feel that it doesnt suit me ...

  7. my god the food is so yummy :)

  8. Your choice of food is always great! What a delicious array of dishes!

  9. Think this is another good restaurant... Lovely review

  10. The menu looks good with lots of choices. Gosh, I must've missed a lot of your posts. Sorry I've been too busy. Time to catch up!


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