Friday, February 7, 2014

Promthep Cape - Phuket, Thailand

On the first morning for this Krabi/Phuket excursion (Ocean Palace), we covered king cobra and monkey show, giant catfish farm, tiger temple and Krabi beach. On the second day, Phuket excursion started only in the afternoon. For the first half of the morning, I was literally forced to watch the magic show, I felt as if its a gimmick water show, inside, yes, in the pool. Actually to tell you the truth, I didn't know what was going on since my view was literally block by the rest of the tourists. Not something I loved, neither enjoyed, anyway, I didn't have much choice, but to go with the flow. Lunch too was on board, oh-hell, by now, I was tired of the same buffet meals. No doubt aplenty choices, then again, what can possibly be different with buffets except gawking and pigging, which I believe is a fit perfect for those who can eat non-stop. I still ate, I had to for the walking later, later, another round of queuing, prior to docking out, followed by a drive via Phuket town to arrive at about 2.30pm in Promthep Cape. Utterly amazing view from the moment I walked up the staircase to reach the high up height of Promthep.

Splendour spell binding. I just so loved the stretching to far and beyond view of the sea, till, I think my eyes and camera did capture the meeting point of Andaman Sea and South China Sea. I believe so, wish I could have stood for the longest time, but with only half an hour in hand, I walked to the centerfold elephant shrine. Hundreds of elephant statues and carvings, just a small area, but sure, an experience indeed, next was to the close-by lighthouse. Akin a museum, lighthouse showcases the various types of historical maritime artifacts. Another experience, a tiny one, I then returned to the awaiting coach, prior to leaving for the next destination.

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  1. such a beautifull places with a great scenery!!!
    i'm looking forward for the cashew nuts factory......

  2. Love the photos, Spa treatment are just awesome in Thailand, I just can't forget the foot reflexology treatment that I got there, it was so relaxing.

  3. looks serene. sounds lie u got some well deserved pampering on ur trip:) grea!

  4. Such a beautiful, cultural trip :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  5. Loving the clicks :) beautiful photography dear :)

  6. I love beaches!! And this one reminded me of Goa... Loved that small eatery on the beach!!


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