Friday, February 28, 2014

Halong Bay (Vietnam) - Part 1

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum & Palace, One-Pillar Pagoda, The Temple Of Literature and Sen Tay Ho Restaurant, thereafter, a long journey, prior to us arriving in the chilly cold weather in Royal Thai Hotel. Carefully stepping out of the coach to avoid unnecessary unwarranted falling or trip falling into the puddles of water, first thing first, yes please, we definitely looked forward to dinner. Not too bad hotel dinner, a nice filling meal indeed, which conquered our hunger, subsequently, we left to our room. Good night. Next morning, another standard all you can eat buffet breakfast in the other quite cramped dining area, by 8.30am, we left for the harbour. Halong Bay! Literally freezing and shivering waiting in line alongside the many who not only arrived simultaneously, but were slyly tried cutting the long queue. Thankfully, blessings, 25 of us hopped into one boat. Just by ourselves. Yeh! Spacious to move around, to sit wherever we wanted in this well maintained and comfortable boat. Soon, when boat started moving, we were aw fixed at the stunning tranquil beauty of this world heritage site.

Halong Bay utterly is the pride and joy of Vietnam, not to be missed, one which is world recognised, spoken over and over, truly and sincerely. Such a beauty, good to your senses, especially when you do it early, by 9.00am, cold breeze gently blowing over you, and you in return don't want to say a single word because nature has spoken louder than anything else. We sat back, and after around 40 minutes or so, we got down to walk towards Dau Go Cave, which by far, I believe, will be included in your Halong Bay cruising as well. Should be, I am assuming.       

In a single file via the muddy and slippery pathway, we had to be helped out of the boat, watch your steps please, while getting down and also, while walking, prior to entering Dau Go Cave. Also known as Cave Of Wonders, Dau Go Cave is the biggest and most beautiful grotto in Halong Bay. Magnificent rock formation, various shapes and sizes of stalactites, and stalagmites, illuminated by a broad spectrum of colorful lights, which I thought actually didn't seem right. Honestly, in my opinion, the colourful lights seemingly, maybe for, for whatever reason it is, seemingly looked artificial, as if overshadowing the slowly shining through sunlight. I was under the impression that, perhaps I was the only one who felt that way, but even my tour buddies agreed as well. Having said that, we wouldn't stop admiring the beauty of this cave, within the next 15 minutes, nothing much to do anyway except standing around or picturing, we walked back to the awaiting boat. 

Up next: Lunch while cruising back to the harbor.  

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  1. Nice description Nava....glad to follow u :)

  2. Incredible place, somewhere I've always wanted to go.

  3. Vietnam looks full of wonder, I want to visit it so much :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  4. Having fun reading all your travel post!! Makes me feel as if I am on a virtual vacation..

  5. Beautiful pictures and sounds like an eventful adventure with so much to see. It amazes me how much natural beauty lies around us.

  6. breathtaking pics and the ones with low clouds gives such an amazing relaxation just looking at them. Can just imagine how would it be to be there in person

  7. such a beautiful place. I just came back from vietnam too. I went saigon instead. =)

  8. Vietnam looks so beautiful, thanks for sharing wonderful pictures...

  9. Nava seriously i am admiring the places you have been.. i am enjoying your clicks :) thanks for sharing dear


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