Friday, February 28, 2014

Halong Bay (Vietnam) - Part 1

It was another early start for the day; breakfast in Royal Hotel followed by a drive to the harbor. We waited with the rest of the people, boarded the ship and cruised our way to the cave; created by relentless pounding of the sea. Indeed it was a refreshing start; simply amazing for its serene and breathtaking surroundings. 

Within 45 minutes or so, we landed at the other side of the lake and in front of the cave. The boat ride was smooth sailing but getting down from it wasn't that conducive because of the high level of the ship; what more trying to balance on the wet, slippery and soft sand. We appreciated the support by the boat guys; they practically lifted us up from the boat. We walked in a single row towards the cave while admiring whatever that was in front and around us. 

The path leading to the cave was also slippery and wet due to the heavy mist. We carefully walked behind each other to avoid falling or tumbling down. The cave was a beauty but I felt that the colored lights took away the natural beauty of it. 

Anyway that didn't stop us from taking pictures; almost in every part of the cave.   

We came out of the cave, stood around for a couple of minutes and back to the boat.  

 Up next: Lunch while cruising back to the harbor. 

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  1. Nice description Nava....glad to follow u :)

  2. Incredible place, somewhere I've always wanted to go.

  3. Vietnam looks full of wonder, I want to visit it so much :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  4. Having fun reading all your travel post!! Makes me feel as if I am on a virtual vacation..

  5. Beautiful pictures and sounds like an eventful adventure with so much to see. It amazes me how much natural beauty lies around us.

  6. breathtaking pics and the ones with low clouds gives such an amazing relaxation just looking at them. Can just imagine how would it be to be there in person

  7. such a beautiful place. I just came back from vietnam too. I went saigon instead. =)

  8. Vietnam looks so beautiful, thanks for sharing wonderful pictures...

  9. Nava seriously i am admiring the places you have been.. i am enjoying your clicks :) thanks for sharing dear


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