Friday, January 3, 2014

Wat Thmey (The Killing fields), Siem Reap, Cambodia

By right, after lunching at Restaurant Cambodian Kitchen, we should have embarked on a city tour within the same vicinity (Artisans d'Angkor). However, city tour was cancelled, for whatever reason it may have been, none of us also questioned the tour guide. He, on the other hand, instead, gave us two options. Either returning back to the hotel or a trip to Wat Thmey. All of us opted for the later, why on earth would anyone in the right frame of mind lock themselves in a hotel because it will then defeat the purpose of travelling this far to Cambodia for sightseeing. Don't you agree with me? I bet you will, after all, we can definitely rest once we return home, right? Getting the best out of this tour must be next logical thing, so, within the next 20 minutes or so, we arrived in Wat Thamey. At first we couldn't gasp the underpinning meaning behind Wat Thamey. But once we walked around, thereafter we read the framed up information on the board, we understood. We did. Wat Thmey is a heart wrecking reminiscences of Cambodia's past trouble during the Khmer rouge regime from 1975-1979 and also what the Cambodians endured during Pol Pot's dictatorship. Wat Thmey actually is a small active Pagoda, in fact. you will only need 15 to 20 minutes, most to most for viewing the Buddhist temple, the homes of the monks, the teaching hall and the small gift shop. 

Consequently, once you notice the glass memorial which houses the skulls and bones of those who were killed and buried during Khmer rule, oh my god. Goose bumps. Honestly. Tragic suffering and tragic painful history until you won't stop with being grateful for your imperfect life. Additionally, for this chance of coming over to Wat Thmey where you will understand how cruel some leaders were or still are in their power success quest. Wat Thmey by the way, is just one of the ‘killing fields’ sites in Siem Reap, nonetheless, I believe that each is an implication for understanding and digesting the mass killings, the darkened years and the pain endured by Cambodians. I especially was shaken up, I literally couldn't comprehend that cruelty had no mercy.  

How about you? Would you mind coming over to Wat Thmey? Don't you think that merciless leaders should be assassinated instead of getting a chance for torturing their own innocent people? Tell me please. I am all ears.  

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  1. OMG , people collect sculls and bones there.. :0
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    Keep in touch,

  2. I guess by witnessing with our own eyes, we definitely feel the pain. I ve been to Siam Reap but never gone into any temples besides the few famous monuments.

  3. OMG the skulls, hope you had a wonderful experience while travelling and visiting the place..

  4. You are so right whey you say "you have to see, you have to travel and you have to listen to people in other parts of world" to stop complaining and appreciate life.
    I got goosebumps seeing the stupa...May their souls rest in peace...

  5. Oh Nava this was bit scary ,i mean the skulls ...Hope u really enjoyed visiting cambodia ....I wish i visit these places someday

  6. oh mine...this is so shocking...people collecting skulls....

  7. Soul stirring images! We so often take life for granted and I agree with your philosophy.


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