Friday, January 24, 2014

Tiger Cave Temple (Wat Thum Sua) - Krabi, Thailand

Thereafter from Giant Catfish Farm (King Cobra Show), our next stop was lunch in one of the amazing restaurants in Krabi. I can't tell you exactly where, neither its name because I can't possibly translate Thai language. Yep. No English signboards, nope, but lunch was good. In a nature setting, akin lunching in a mini jungle, food must be hailed. Absolutely fab Thai food. Really awesome. 

Approximately an hour, which by far is the standard for lunch, as well as for dinner when you travel in tour groups, we then, within the next half an hour, arrived at Tiger Cave Temple. Prior to walking in, we were reminded to return to the coach within or before half an hour, Tiger Cave Temple, as the name suggest, is significantly known for its history of the tiger which used to shelter and sleep in this cave till morning. Tiger indeed eventually disappeared to the phanom mountain range when monks and nuns started coming over, back then, tiger's ferocious roar drew the attention of those who collected items or hunt animals within this jungly area.  

Tiger Cave Temple obviously showcases the symbolic correlation between the tiger and Buddhism, I opted out from climbing the 1,237 steps because I doubted if I have the strength to do it within a short pace of time. Instead, I walked into the cave, on my way out, I took a good look of the surrounding, and then back to the awaiting coach. On time.  

Up next: Krabi Beach.

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  1. Wow very beautiful temple and lovely clicks. thanks a lot for sharing....

  2. Seeing the budha picture really got a goosebumps...Lovely snaps...

  3. wow nava... wonderful place.. very well described by awesome clicks :)

  4. I did not have time to cover this temple during my Thailand visit, hope that i would see it next time.

  5. Thank you for taking us on a virtual tour of such a beautiful temple :D


  6. Great clicks!! Thanks for the virtual tour to the place!!


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