Friday, January 24, 2014

Tiger Cave Temple (Wat Thum Sua) - Krabi, Thailand

King Cobra ShowGiant Catfish Farm, lunch and then we arrived at Tiger Cave Temple for a 30 minutes stopover. Significantly known, also as the name suggest, this temple holds the history about the tiger which used to shelter and sleep here till morning, as well as its ferocious roar reaching the ears of the people who came to the forest to collect items or hunt animals. Eventually, when monks and nuns started coming, tiger left towards the direction of phanom mountain range. Alright, at this temple, you can opt for climbing the 1,237 steps, certainly I didn't have the time, I then walked into the temple, around the compound, took a couple of pictures and got back into the coach.  

Next - Krabi beach.

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  1. Wow very beautiful temple and lovely clicks. thanks a lot for sharing....

  2. Seeing the budha picture really got a goosebumps...Lovely snaps...

  3. wow nava... wonderful place.. very well described by awesome clicks :)

  4. I did not have time to cover this temple during my Thailand visit, hope that i would see it next time.

  5. Thank you for taking us on a virtual tour of such a beautiful temple :D


  6. Great clicks!! Thanks for the virtual tour to the place!!


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