Friday, January 17, 2014

Tapioca Poriyal (Stir fry)

I hardly cook tapioca. Not because we don't like to eat. But its really filling and there's only a limited choice of savory dishes I can think of. The last recipe Stir Fried Tapioca With Anchovies Turmeric was like two years ago. Also, over at my place, I have to buy one long root for the smaller types are rarely available. So what's the point of buying and throwing away the balance right?? Well, I can make sweet desserts. Then again who is going to eat and how much can we eat?/ Good question right?  

Anyway, I still bought a big root and make this poriyal with chilli powder, spices and surely curry leaves. Will share the other masak lemak/coconut gravy dish perhaps when I can find the pictures among the hundreds of recipes I am still holding on and struggling to write. 
1 medium size (about 400g) tapioca - remove skin, cut into two or three pieces and simmer/steam till tender.
1 tsp mustard seeds
1/2 tsp cumin seeds
1/2 tbsp plain chilli powder
1 tsp turmeric powder
1 dried red chilli - snip into smaller pieces
1 red onion - chopped
1/2 inch ginger - chopped
Lime juice - as needed
Salt for taste
2 tbsp oil

Cut tapioca into smaller pieces and mix with turmeric.
Heat oil, saute onion and ginger.
Splatter in mustard and cumin seeds.
Add the rest of the ingredients. 
Stir and fry for about 3-4 mins.
Increase the heat and fry for another 1 min.
Dish out and serve. 
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  1. Wow this is the same way we make only difference is tapioca we get here takes really long to cook.

  2. I have not try this b4...
    Looks a bit spicy ....

  3. We make this recipe nearly to yours.thanks for reminding

  4. I love tapioca in many forms, in curry, deep fried chips n this sounds delicious, must try according to me!

  5. I love tapioca chips..I think I would give this a try

  6. Such a beautiful presentation...must be so tasty! I haven't tried out tapioca recipes but I'd love to cook this one. Must go very well with rotis too!

  7. I love Tapioca & I am sure this dish tastes yumm.

  8. Easy, quick and delicious tapioca stir fry..

  9. Hi Nava, I haven't try stir fried tapioca before. From the way you prepared it, it must be good. Will give this a try if I ever get hold of any tapioca. Regards :)

  10. I am not sure if I've ever tasted tapioca. Only tapioca pearls...sago! I love the spice mix in there...surely this stir fry is delicious. The colours of the dish are so lovely too!

  11. a diehard fan of tapioca

  12. Yummy and looks mouthwatering!!! Nice dish!!!


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