Saturday, January 4, 2014

Super Star LIbra Cruise - Ocean Palace (Breakfast) - Part 4

Because I called it an earliest night, the logic certainly is an early morning jump start. Ship I think did rock and roll throughout the night but strange, I slept through like a little unspoiled child. Must be the tiredness since the previous day I woke at 5am (Star Cruise On Board) to catch the bus, then after boarding, I walked up and down countless times (On Board And Dinner) and also, most probably Spa Treatment was the other reason for my lullaby hours. Whatever. After showering, I headed to Ocean Palace for breakfast. Breakfast may be conveniently forgotten at home, but on this day, I thought I might as well since it is included in my cruise trip. Walking in alone after handing over my coupon at the entrance, I sat and I had company. The friendly lady and her mother in law. We certainly got on well and we had one thing in common - we travel alone because our husbands prefer to work. Not at all a big deal, I have learned to travel on my own.  So has she.

Food arrived soon and we tucked into the  4 types of dim sum dishes - steamed pau, steamed chicken dumplings, fried chicken dumplings and fried yam rolls. These fresh items simply and smoothly glided at the first bite, awesome. Next we tucked into the plain rice porridge, fried yellow noodles and stewed pork and these washed down with hot Chinese tea. I would rate the stew as the best among the rest - tasty light fragrant gravy soaking up the tender pork. Indeed, I would regard this meal as a lavish start, I also ordered a Cappucino, paired alongside a lovely crunchy tasty biscuit.

Clock ticked, we said bye-bye, they left for their free and easy sightseeing whereas I will be heading 

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  1. I have not tried holidaying alone. Usually with a friend to join in. You are sure adventurous

  2. It is so good to meet stranger and just click with them..
    Dumplings made me so hungry
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    Keep in touch,

  3. Now I feel like going on a cruise vacation!!

  4. Cruising is the best, hope you are enjoying it.


  5. I envy you Nava having a breakfast like that. I think I like each and every one of those items. Great pictures too!

  6. Now I feel like having dumplings, beautiful clicks.


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