Saturday, January 4, 2014

Super Star LIbra Cruise - Ocean Palace (Breakfast)

Because I called it the earliest night, the logic certainly is an early morning jump start. The ship I think did rock and roll throughout the night but strange, I slept through like a little unspoiled child. Must be the tiredness since the previous day I woke at 5am (Star Cruise On Board) to catch the bus and then after boarding, I had walked up and down countless times (On Board And Dinner). The first thing in the morning after showering, I came over to Ocean Palace for breakfast which I conveniently skip back home. Walking in alone after giving the coupon at the entrance, I sat and there I had company, the friendly lady and her mother in law. We certainly got on well and we had one thing in common - we travel alone because our husbands prefer to work. Not at all a big deal, I have learned to travel on my own.

Meanwhile food arrived . 4 types of dim sum dishes - steamed pau, steamed chicken dumplings, fried chicken dumplings and fried yam rolls. These dishes were fresh-fresh and smoothly glided at the first bite, oh-lovingly we ate. Next we tucked into the plain rice porridge, fried yellow noodles and stewed pork and these washed down with hot Chinese tea. The stew I would rate as the best among the rest - tasty light fragrant gravy soaking the tender pork. A lavish meal to start the day, I also ordered a Cappucino that came with a lovely crunchy tasty biscuit.

The clock ticked, we said bye-bye to each other, they left for their free and easy sightseeing whereas I was heading to Krabi.  

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  1. I have not tried holidaying alone. Usually with a friend to join in. You are sure adventurous

  2. It is so good to meet stranger and just click with them..
    Dumplings made me so hungry
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    Keep in touch,

  3. Now I feel like going on a cruise vacation!!

  4. Cruising is the best, hope you are enjoying it.


  5. I envy you Nava having a breakfast like that. I think I like each and every one of those items. Great pictures too!

  6. Now I feel like having dumplings, beautiful clicks.


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