Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Restaurant Loong Sing - Nilai, Negeri Sembilan

Another new year, another reunion dinner at the same restaurant (Loong Sing 1) to usher the coming Chinese New Year with almost the same familiar faces. Loong Sing - apparently the most popular/well known restaurant in Nilai and that probably says why it is the preferred choice and why our dinner was held earlier compared to the previous years.

As usual, it was greeting the friends, thereafter we sat at in the large dining area with tables already set up, including the menu listed with the dishes we are going to tuck in soon. 
I sort of knew what to expect - well, Chinese New Year must be ushered with the auspicious dishes for wealth, health, happiness and prosperity, free flow of Chinese tea and alcohol, peanuts for munching and loud blasting karaoke singing.

We chatted, munched the peanuts and before long, the first and must have Yee Sang dish arrived, aka Prosperity Toss or Lo Hei.
Everyone stood up and tossed Yee Sang highest up with the chopsticks for wishes to be granted and whatever it may be for the coming year. I enjoyed the tossing but I didn't feel comfortable with the mess - bits and pieces of the ingredients all over the table. Nonetheless, Yee Sang is my all time fav because I love the contrasting textures of the melt in the mouth slivers of salmon with crunchy crackers and the blend of spices and condiments.
We sat back for a while and then tucked into the five items platter - meat, seafood and veggies, seasoned with the quintessential Chinese ingredients like soy sauce, Chinese wine, ginger, garlic, herbs, cornstarch etc etc.
For my taste, one or two of the dishes were slightly on the salty side. But the rest were almost faultless especially the veggie dish - stir fried with fish balls and chicken pieces. Thereafter we were served another customary dish - thick,  gooey and aromatic fish soup, served in individual ceramic bowls.
It was followed by Steamed Soy Sauce Garlic Fish - fresh the catch drenched with flavored dark sauce and garnished generously with julienned ginger and coriander leaves.
The next dish was buttered prawns scented with curry leaves and fried savory yam pancake, another favorite of mine.
We also tucked into two more dishes; Braised Broccoli with Pork Skin drenched in a thick sauce and the other, Glutinous Rice Wrapped in Lotus Leaf, cooked with tiny pork pieces, generously flavored with soy sauce and topped with fresh spring onions. 

Our dinner ended with a sweet note of peanut ice-cream - much loved for its soft and enticing pea-nutty flavor. At first we were apprehensive about the mumbo jumbo plating but once we tasted, oh-so-lovely for the crunch and creaminess.
As we tucked into all these dishes, we couldn't stop admiring the vegetarian meals; specially prepared for two of our friends. The dishes were absolutely tempting; presented in gourmet style and beautifully plated and coordinated with veggies, tofu and other vegetarian ingredients

As we left the restaurant, we were contemplating if we should opt for vegetarian dishes for next year.

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  1. looks fantastic ....Whatever we eat finally, fried rice is the best. i love ...

  2. It is like a feast, Prawns looks mouthwatering.

  3. everything looks very yummy & I am tasted most of these in singapore. You must have had a great food & enjoyed.

  4. Great write up and mouth watering pictures

  5. Wow!! Looks like a great place!! You had some fun time!

  6. Just loving the whole photography; Hope you enjoy a lot with a wonderful meal :)

  7. That was such an amazing array of dishes. I am envious. You manage to take great pictures despite the commotion that comes with a get together. Delicious post:-)

  8. Hi Nava, very scrumptious CNY meal, look very inviting. Excellent photography skill. :))


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