Thursday, January 16, 2014

Pho 24 (Hang Khay, French Quarter) Hanoi, Vietnam

World known Pho is a must try in Vietnam, otherwise such a waste travelling to the country without tucking into their beef noodle soup. While we were on our way to Hanoi after a full day of sightseeing (Reunification PalaceWar Remnants Museum & Cambodian Cultural Village), head count was taken for takers of beef pho, chicken pho and vegetarian meal. Arriving at Pho 24 at about 8.30pm, the restaurant was literally empty. In fact, we were the only customers. Quite a clean ambiance, we sat and dinner was served - salad, Vietnamese fried rolls, fried "yau char kwai" resembling our local ones and pho itself.

Nice meal, the beef pho I was told tasted better compared to chicken pho, whereas my outsourced vegetarian dish was a let down. A mixture of vegetables and hard fried pancakes in a tasteless sauce, I still ate out of hunger.

Dinner ended with chilled crème caramel and thick mango juice, we mutually agreed it was not the best meal but somewhat appreciated.

Next stop - Mercury Hotel. 

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  1. Being served with same food can be quite boring.. I have never tried Veitnames food

  2. Caramel pudding looks mouth watering, I will make one today.

  3. wow looks gud...vietenamese food is still new to me

  4. creame caramel looks so delicious!Seems you had a great time...

  5. During travels sometimes we come across some great dish, but sometimes we get the same insipid food...


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