Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Mercury Hotel (Hanoi, Vietnam)

After dining at Pho 24, we arrived at Mercury Hotel. Standing around with 20 people and with the hotel guests walking up and down, quite a thing actually in the crowded reception area to collect my key. Then, into the packed lift, I struggled my way to the room with my luggage and bags. Upon stepping in, I liked the vibrant bright ambiance and well maintained clean room, however, the wifi I paid for was a sad case. Trying over and over even after calling for room service, I then showered and came down to the reception area for the wifi service for at least an hour. By then, the tour buddies were returned back after a leisurely shopping walk and soon, I called it a night.


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  1. Nice room, I like the frosted glass :)
    Keep in touch

  2. such a lovely hotel,
    can't wait for your Ho chi minh city palace review then!!!

  3. Very nice place dear loved your post <3

  4. looks like a comfortable place for a stay!I nice pictures...

  5. Nice and cozy hotel room...I look forward to hear more about your trip...
    Enjoy and be safe Nava :D

  6. I love the clean and sparkling hotel rooms!! They are very important part of my vacation :)


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