Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Mercury Hotel (Hanoi, Vietnam)

A long drive, along the way, rain had caught up on us. Perhaps, much appreciated because we were almost roasted for a few hours in the hot burning, blistering, outdoor sun earlier (Wat Thmey & Cambodian Cultural Village). Afternoon peak sun in Asian countries, indeed, is merciless, so, most of us actually dozed off until dinner time. Dinner in a small Vietnamese restaurant was just so basic, one which I don't want to speak about (Eat @ KhmerVietnam House & Restaurant Cambodian Kitchen), thereafter to Mercury Hotel (Liberty Hotel & Ben Thanh Market).

Waiting alongside 20 over people in the tiny lobby, mind you was not conducive, neither squeezing myself in the rather small lift while struggling with my luggage and bag was anything better. Nevertheless, upon stepping foot into my room, I think on the 7th floor, if I am not mistaken, I loved it. Super nice. I just so loved the vibrant bright room. Not really a big room, but for a single traveler like me, indeed, its a comfort zone. Clean, spic and span, and a window overlooking Hanoi city.  Then came the spoiler. Despite paying for room service wifi and calling for help, wifi just wouldn't move. Hell! I tried over and over for at least 20 minutes, I then tried my luck at the lobby. Wifi sprung almost hitting the 100 meters mark almost instantly. Hence, I sat at the sofa across the reception area for maybe an hour, where I also bumped into my fellow tour buddies who were one by one returning after walking around Hanoi city, some had also shopped.   

Back to my room later, I showered, prior to calling it a night, while looking forward to another day of sightseeing (Angkor Wat Part 2 & War Remnants Museum).

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  1. Nice room, I like the frosted glass :)
    Keep in touch

  2. such a lovely hotel,
    can't wait for your Ho chi minh city palace review then!!!

  3. Very nice place dear loved your post <3

  4. looks like a comfortable place for a stay!I nice pictures...

  5. Nice and cozy hotel room...I look forward to hear more about your trip...
    Enjoy and be safe Nava :D

  6. I love the clean and sparkling hotel rooms!! They are very important part of my vacation :)


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