Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Krabi - King Cobra Show

Once breakfast was over (Ocean Palace), I somehow manage to get to the section where everyone who have opted for Krabi excursion should gather. Indeed, I was one of them, we were briefed on a couple of valid things. Passport must be with us all the time, we can extend our time in Krabi if we want to, but we must board Super Star Virgo Cruise by 9pm. We were also cautioned on safety while sightseeing, thereafter, we queued, prior to hopping into the boat. Came my turn, I hopped in, and before I knew, there was a mad rush, especially among the Indian tourists. There they go again (on board and dinner), as though let loose out of the cage. Pushing and rushing to secure a seat, additionally, reserving seats for their loves ones and only god know who else. All of them, in fact, wanted so badly to sit near the window. Okay, nothing wrong I suppose, but what alarmed me was that some stood up, not even bothered they were blocking our view. Never mind again, but they wouldn't stand still, they were walking up down, up down. Sickening. Akin barbarians. Anyway, I stayed cool for the next, lets say half an hour, prior to boat docking in Krabi beach. 

Once more, pushing and rushing for getting down, by the time I got down, simultaneously took some pictures. no one was to be seen. I pressed the panic button. I didn't know what happen to all of them, except for the group of people boarding another ship. I quickly walked. Akin a walk for my life, finally, at the open space, I located the bus I am suppose to get into. Thank god. Our journey began thereafter, King Cobra Show was the first stop for this Krabi excursion.  

We walked in, we took our seats and tadaa! King cobra show. Quite a show actually. The guy speaking to the microphone kept the beat going, while the cobra charmer came into full force. Basically, snaking skills, what not, all not, we kept starting at him and the cobras, some audiences were slightly cautious. I think they were concern if cobras will go towards them. Nothing of that sort took place, these snake guys definitely knew what they are doing.

King cobra show over within half an hour, we walked to the other section for monkey business. Monkey show. Obediently trained monkeys absolutely entertaining us with their antics, by far, compared to the quite a terrifying cobra show, I actually found this monkey show rather interesting and lively. Less scary too.

Monkeys surely knew their businesses at the back of their legs, hands and body, by now an hour had passed by, show came to an end. Hopping back into the coach, Giant Catfish Farm awaiting us next.

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  1. The view is beautiful.. OMG , cobra is so poisons... Cobra mouth open pic is so well clicked..
    Awww, those monkeys are too cute..

  2. Nice interesting place it is in my Wish list too. anyhow Nice Images. . . :)

  3. Great virtual tour as always :)
    Initially i thought that the king cobra show might be something like madari ka khel.. But this was much different. and the guy kissing the snake!! I almost fainted..

  4. Show with cobra very gutsy, the last click is cute.

  5. Wow, very interesting and lovely show Nava, love the Monkey riding the bike and very beautiful clicks... love the last click...

  6. What an eventful day! I have to admit that snakes scare me like hell. But the monkeys here do look like a lot of fun.


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