Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Krabi - King Cobra Show

After breakfast (Ocean Palace), we were briefed on a couple of things eg; safety while sightseeing, to carry our passports and we can actually extend our sightseeing hours but everyone must board back by 9pm. Next, we queued and as soon as we got into the boat, there goes again. The mad rush, primarily by the Indian tourists. Pushing everyone aside to secure seats for themselves and reserving seats for their counterparts. Havoc! Madness. Really, I couldn't understand whats with the barbaric behaviour,as though they were let loose out of their cages (on board and dinner)?? They couldn't decide where to sit, they reserved seats, they made sure they sat near the windows and many also opted to stand  and blocked the beautiful view. Anyway, I sat beside some of them, yes, they had to stare at me.

And when the ship docked at Krabi, another mad rush, I was pushed aside as well. By the time I came out of the ship and took a couple of pictures and walked, almost everyone was gone. Loosing sight which direction I should head to, I continued walking, oh-boy, glad I was to see the bus with Krabi sign.  

As I got into the bus, seeing the familiar faces brought a smile on my face. We then journeyed, the first stop for this Krabi King Cobra show.

Quite a show. Loud speaking man and his own sound effects, basically, you sit back and watch the snakes and the snake stunt men.

Following this, we walked to another area for the monkey business, obediently trained monkeys that entertained the crowd with their antics. In fact, compared to snaking, monkey show was more interesting.

An hour went by, the show was over and next stop - Giant Catfish Farm.

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  1. The view is beautiful.. OMG , cobra is so poisons... Cobra mouth open pic is so well clicked..
    Awww, those monkeys are too cute..

  2. Nice interesting place it is in my Wish list too. anyhow Nice Images. . . :)

  3. Great virtual tour as always :)
    Initially i thought that the king cobra show might be something like madari ka khel.. But this was much different. and the guy kissing the snake!! I almost fainted..

  4. Show with cobra very gutsy, the last click is cute.

  5. Wow, very interesting and lovely show Nava, love the Monkey riding the bike and very beautiful clicks... love the last click...

  6. What an eventful day! I have to admit that snakes scare me like hell. But the monkeys here do look like a lot of fun.


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