Friday, January 10, 2014

Krabi - Giant Catfish Farm

Rain wrecked havoc the moment we left King Cobra Show, and rain trailed us all the way to Krabi Giant Catfish farm (Ocean Palace Libra Cruise & Boarding Libra Cruise). Once we got down from the bus, we ran for shelter into this catfish farm. Thankfully, thanks to the rain coat from the tour guide, thereafter we walked into this jungle akin farm. Quite a mess, puddles of water, slippery and I struggled with taking pictures. Still,  a couple of pictures were possible, though I was really concern about water getting into my camera. Thereafter, once we stood in front of the big pond, came the American lady who threw pieces of fresh meat into the water to draw the giant catfish. We waited patiently and watched the smaller catfish nibbling on the meat, but the giant catfish just wouldn't appear. By now, despite shielded by raincoat, we were literally getting wet and since we couldn't wait any longer, we had to bid bye-bye prior to journeying for lunch.  

More on this Libra Cruise trip in the next post. Stay Tuned. 

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  1. Wow awesome clicks and Post Navs :)

  2. what an interesting trip...if only there were any similar farms nearby...there are fields of green but no farms alas, but none the less we feel happy as you make us journey it through these awesome clicks....those turtles look cute,thanks :-)

  3. Great clicks, Nava!! And some vibrant colored cat fishes...

  4. That was quite an adventure in the rain! But you still managed great pictures.

  5. Nice clicks, sad you missed the big cat fish.


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