Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Krabi Beach (Thailand)

From Tiger Cave Temple we arrived at Krabi Beach (Krabi Giant Catfish Farm, Krabi King Cobra Show and Super Star Libra Cruise). Rather quiet during this off peak season, though I did see a few, mostly foreign tourists walking up and down. We got down at the narrow road side, quickly. Had to be fast and quick because vehicles are not really allowed to wait for too long, which in return will hold up traffic. Thereafter, we stood in the front of beach, prior to leisurely walking as far as we could. Nothing much to see actually, perhaps because, as I have already said, its the off peak season. No bikini clad beauties or fun in the sun and water, we then crossed the road and walked along the row and row of shops, hotel nestled in between and along the way, I also noticed some travel agencies.

Shopping definitely was out of the question because I have already had my share of shopping in Bangkok (Solo Trip To Bangkok). Moreover, I didn't see anything temping that I wanted to badly buy. Its the same Thai clothes and what not. With another an hour in hand, I had a scoop of Movenpick strawberry sorbet and a drink at Uncle Bear cafe. Just then, I bumped into my fellow tour buddies, we chatted and once the coach arrived, we journeyed back to the cruise ship. For you, unless you are the beach person, there is only so much in Krabi. Maybe some shopping, tuck into some food, and then sit around for people watching. That's it.

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  1. wonderful place, I love beach and nature. and that food looks yummy!

    keep in touch :)


  2. Beach is beautiful.. Looking at the sorbet I want to have one too, but I guess I will just eat some ice cream from my freezer
    Keep in touch

  3. It is really amazing how you seem to find time for everything, you travel a lot, work , cook, blog everyday.... awesome hats off to you Nava... I really adore you...
    Lovely and beautiful clicks...

  4. I love beaches!! And this place reminds me of Goa..

  5. Beach looks beautiful, Lively clicks.

  6. You know what dear; i just stopped at Ice cream home made ice creams :P mouth watering :D

  7. Such beautiful photos :D


  8. Lovely photos...they totally give you an idea of the place. And that sorbet looks so pretty and refreshing.


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