Monday, January 27, 2014

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum & Palace (Hanoi, Vietnam)

An early upbeat jump start in Mercury Hotel, breakfast and then off to Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum. Before 8.30am, we were already standing in the long snaking queue, as if we are going to see the king and queen, in fact, such a strange, baffling, peculiar and shocking thing actually. Honestly, I was not expecting what I experienced, I thought its gonna be another normal sightseeing (Saigon Central Post Office, Artisan D'Angkor & Cambodian Cultural Village), but oh-no, totally a different experience all together (Angkor Wat). Let me tell you why. Standing alongside hundreds who seemingly had arrived way earlier on this rather freezing morning, we were constantly reminded that hand phone must be switched off, no camera, no laptop or any other electronic gadget. Additionally, no holding hands, hands must be straight down on both sides, no laughing or talking, after our bags were scanned, we walked in a single file to see Ho Chi Minh lying in state, while the robotic guards stood tall and motionless with raffles to defend their well preserved, wax looking and long gone leader.

Indeed, quite terrifying to walk around the narrow aisle for less than 3 minutes to glance at Ho Chi Minh. That's it? For all the strict regimen prior to walking into Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum? One of the most alarming sightseeing.  

Ho Chi Minh by the way is highly regarded as Vietnam's biggest inspiration,wonder why, even our tour guide who struggled to speak English wouldn't stop praising how their former leader lived a simple and humble life. Point noted on Ho Chi Minh's communist terrorism for oppressing his people, once we existed out from the mausoleum, we were allocated two hours for viewing his Palace. Literally, all about Ho Chi Minh, the first leader and first president of the independence republic of North Vietnam and his legendary ruling, we then took a long walk via the huge garden, to arrive earlier than time allocated, once everyone meet up again, we left for the next destination.

Up next - One Pagoda Pillar.

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  1. City is beautiful, lot of greenery
    Keep in touch

  2. great clicks, Nava!! the palace looks majestic...

  3. So much green and culture in Vietnam :D


  4. Nice clicks, palace looks tunning.


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