Thursday, January 9, 2014

Himalaya Herbals Gentle Exfoliating Apricot Scrub

A scrub by far should be included as an essential skin care product for our beauty regime. However, generally it is suggested that scrubbing should be kept once a week for getting rid of stubborn white heads and black heads, also as an overall beauty care to unclog our skin by scrubbing away dead cells and impurities. Scrubbing without a doubt has been part of my weekly beauty regime, today I shall gladly share with you beauties on this Himalaya Herbals Gentle Exfoliating Apricot Scrub.  
 beauty kit. These are my most essential products
As stated on the packaging, this affordable scrub is made with natural ingredients, sort of similar to the St.Ives’s apricot scrub I've used a few years back. Packaged in a white tube with a green flip open cap, its lasting even if you use twice a week. Said as value for money, you can easily pack it for travelling but remember, not to be hand carried but sashed in your luggage because it comes in a 150ml tube. The other option of course is repacking in a smaller container or bottle if you really need to scrub your face while on the go. This scent free and creamy white textured scrub started me off with high expectation but after using it for the first time on my wet face, I realise that I have to be gentle because its coarse apricot granules are a little harsh for my combination-sensitive skin.   

So,except for loosening black heads on my nose while avoiding my eye area, as not to hurt my skin, I am truly gentle when using this, regarded as a pretty decent scrub that of course exfoliates the skin. Additionally, you can use it to scrub away dead skin on your feet and whole body as well.   
For those who strongly believe in no other except natural and herbal skin care products, you will be pleased with this scrub, but remember, again said, avoid forceful scrubbing. For me, I will still treasure it but whether I buy again it is a question mark.

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  1. Am using this regularly and this suits my skin.honest review Nava

  2. this is the scrub i so faithfully use for two times a week, for the past so many years! it's mild and perfect for sensitive skin like mine... they have the apricot gentle face wash as well, which is good... :)

  3. I agree with the scrub is a bit harsh not for senitive skin people.

  4. nice review I was planning to buy a scrub too but landed with curd and rice flour natural remedy! im yet to try :)

  5. same pinch Nava, I too use it and I love it...

  6. Thanks for the info Nav...You uploaded this post just in time. I was planning to buy a scrub and will rule out Himalaya now.

  7. It's really worth tryin as I have been using it..


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