Sunday, January 5, 2014

Cambodian Cultural Village - Siem Reap (Cambodia)

By far, the least hectic sightseeing day (Artisans' d'Angkor, Restaurant Cambodian Kitchen & Wat Thmey/The Killing fields), in the afternoon we were in Cambodian Cultural Village. For the first one hour or so, we leisurely, we didn't rush because we knew time is on our side, we walked from one section to the other in this museum, which showcases Cambodian history and culture, also coming with it artifacts and Cambodian leadership. Basically, that's about it, unless I have without realizing, missed out on anything. I doubt, don't think so, I think that's about all, nothing much to shout about in this rather small museum. Nevertheless, you sure can kill some time if the cultural show later is the reason why you made a trip to Cambodian Cultural Village, or perhaps, it won't hurt any of us because cultural knowledge does add value to our travel grams.

Within less than half an hour, we exited out of museum, and by the time we walked into the other side theater, akin oh-hell awaited us. Jam packed, hot, stuffy and literally no space to even stretch our legs, show started prominently and interestingly. Traditional dressed and dolled-up ladies, later, a spotting audience volunteered or maybe he was pinpointed at, I really don't know, he became the main star for the wedding scene. Fine. At this juncture, honestly, I felt like running out. I was bored to death, making it worse was the humid environment. Literally soaking sweat wet, I couldn't take it anymore. But there was no mean of escaping. Even the floor was occupied by tourists, when show was over, I think I was the first person to dash out for some air.

Cultural show was followed by acrobatic show at the open air arena, almost within the next 10 minutes or so, another promising start, then back to square one. Over and over again, dancing, jumping, stunts and what not, good-god, out of boredom and to quench my thirst, I walked to the stalls across the road.

Sipping the canned drink which did bring back life to my dry throat, while I was contemplating whether I should buy some snacks, my eyes zoomed sharp at the lady who was grilling meat and "Pong Tia Koon/Cambodian Balut or fertilized duck embryo. Embryo? So this is the famous embryo, I've read about? Must be. Eaten by cracking the shell and then sucking up the gooey smelly egg with a dash of salt. Oh no! The thought of it already got my tummy twisted, the last thing I wanted  is running to the toilet or vomiting. I may be an adventurous person, but not to the extent of sucking embryo in such a dusty and hygiene compromised road side stall. Maybe, just saying, I really don't if I will, if at all I come across duck embryo elsewhere, I may take it up as a food challenge.

On the road again, Hanoi here we come. 

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  1. Its just absolutely fantastic to see various cultures which u r framing out as ur memories to us :) really nice Thanks for sharing dear!

  2. Wow its a lvely ceremony is related to ours and the embryo quite interesting

  3. Such a treat to see your photos, Nava. I'm glad you shared so many of them.I had seen the duck embryos on TLC (I think). That's something I wouldn't try.

  4. Some of the statues in the museum look so real. It's interesting to know about the different cultural practises across the globe. I couldn't stop laughing at your description of being stuck at the show. Great pictures as always!

  5. Thanks for giving the virtual tour to Cambodian village!! Great pictures!!

  6. I just love your post, it is fun to know about new places, their culture and food. Museum looks beautiful and realistic.

  7. Love the wedding ceremony part and aerobics part.. The wedding ceremony and their dress resembles old Indian way..

  8. Guess what? My son tried the duck embryo when he was in Vietnam. Yucks! He was telling me there were bits of bones & feathers inside as well. Lol!


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