Friday, December 27, 2013

Super Star Libra Cruise - On Board And Dinner (Part 3)

Boarding and checking into my tiny cabin (Super Star Cruise), followed by Spa Treatment and then I didn't know what else to do except again, walking around aimlessly. Up down, up down a couple for times, I was trying my utmost best to find out what else is in store in Super Star Libra, while simultaneously putting my camera to good use. I think I covered it all, at the retail outlet, I intended to grab something, but nothing really caught my attention except maybe chocolates or booze to get stone.  

Back again to walking, floor by floor, till the atop deck where the pool is and where you can order drinks and snacks, simultaneously glimpse at women parading in skimpy bikinis. What? In this kind of crowd? Unbelievable. Akin a cheap free show among the all sort of characters, the Indian tourists were the most pathetic, mind you. Fat, rolly-polly men literally parking themselves in the jacuzzi, goodness, would I dare get in? Of course no. And the ladies were terrors as well. Jumping into the pool, wearing glittering Punjabi suits alongside their healthy, supposedly adorable cute small darlings, who actually looked like tyrants. That is not all. You should have seen some of them smooching and kissing. Speak about Indians and their strong cultural roots of prim and proper behaviour. Utterly trashed in Super Star Libra. Behaving as though they are in a hidden paradise. Oh, god have mercy, they were not even bothered others were looking. 
My eyes almost popped out looking at these Indians. The back lane Indian world. After a while, I broke away from the crowded area and decided to have my dinner, served at the pool side. Help yourself, as much as you like, thereafter sit wherever you like and tuck in. Not bad, quite a variety which by the way was finishing off fat, yet, refilled over and over, I tucked into curry laksa, some veggies, fruits and desserts.

Nothing to complain. Really, I quite enjoyed this first meal on board. After dinner, by then, the pool area had quieten, instead of idling my time away, I forced sleep over me, while keeping my fingers crossed positively to next day's Krabi sightseeing.  

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  1. nice holidaying experience and sharing with us :)

  2. Some times ppl do behave friskily when you least expect them to, I was surprised to see college students behaving like that in a park in Calcutta.

  3. I can imagine your annoyance at such behaviour...that too on a cruise. I mean, what do these people think...I doubt if they even care what the world thinks of them or the impression they leave behind. The food looks great though...probably the only consolation for the day. I hope to read about a better experience ahead in the cruise story.


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