Friday, December 27, 2013

Super Star Virgo Cruise - On Board And Dinner

Boarding and checking into my tiny cabin (Super Star Cruise), followed by the Spa Treatment and then I didn't know what else to do except walking around leisurely to cover the entire ship and capturing plenty of pictures as well. Trying to kill more time, I walked into the retail outlet to see if I can buy some stuffs, but, well, just the basic things, including lots of chocolates and booze. 

Floor by floor I walked, back again for another round till the open deck right on top with the pool, a counter to order drinks and snacks. women in skimpy bikini and the shocking behavior of the Indian tourists. Oh-boy, never expected they will be liberal though the ladies dived into the pool with long maxis, but kissing, on top of each other on the lazy chairs and openly fondling. I couldn't believe my eyes, honestly, I couldn't. Perhaps this cruising holiday must be an avenue for them to break free from their cultural norm, as though in a secluded paradise with no one around.
Meal for the first night was within this same area. Quite a variety which was finishing off fast, yet more was refilled, you can eat your heart out, I tucked into the curry laksa, some veggies, fruits and desserts.

Taste- wise, not bad, flavorful and nice. After dinner, I felt lost again. So, instead of idling my time walking around aimlessly, I called it an early night while hoping it will be an interesting day tomorrow in Krabi. 

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  1. nice holidaying experience and sharing with us :)

  2. Some times ppl do behave friskily when you least expect them to, I was surprised to see college students behaving like that in a park in Calcutta.

  3. I can imagine your annoyance at such behaviour...that too on a cruise. I mean, what do these people think...I doubt if they even care what the world thinks of them or the impression they leave behind. The food looks great though...probably the only consolation for the day. I hope to read about a better experience ahead in the cruise story.


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