Thursday, December 26, 2013

Restaurant Cambodian Kitchen - Siem Reap (Cambodia)

Lunch on the 4th day was fast forwarded since we visited only one place in the morning (Artisans d'Angkor). In fact by 12pm, we were seated in this first floor no-frill, furnished with plastic tables and chairs restaurant (Angkor Wat & Eat@Khmer Restaurant) which outwardly appeared clean and neat. Soon, within a couple of times, came cruising a lavishing string of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, indeed, a feast I must say for tucking in with rice.
Cabbage salad
Soya pork belly
Squid fritters
Mushrooms fritters
Grilled fish with chilli coriander dip.
Stir fried tofu with carrots and turnip strips.
 Fish pancakes.
Mixed vegetables
Water spinach/kangkung stir fried
Crabs with vegetables in an egg based gravy.

Delicious and big portions, surprisingly as simple as the ambiance was, these dishes were tastefully prepared with the quintessential Asian Cambodian ingredients, at this point, I would rank this restaurant at the top of my favourite list in comparison to Eat Khmer Restaurant and Quan Ngon 138 Vietnamese Restaurant

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  1. Portion looks big. Am sure I can't finish

  2. Wow, very big feast and everything looks yummy.

  3. Fish colorful platter.i hope you enjoyed this thoroughly

  4. wow, what a comforting and earthy dish you;ve got there.....
    the grilled fish looks intruguing!
    Merry christmas and happy holidays, God blessed you all the way then!

  5. Girl you try so many amazing restaurants
    Merry Christmas
    Don't forget to enter my $50 Choies Giveaway

  6. Truly a big feast!! I love peanuts added to salads :)

  7. Love the stir fried tofu with carrots and turnips.. Adding peanuts to salad gives a crunchiness to salad.. Love the mushroom fritters..

  8. hmm def you had some tasty tasty meal .I am impressed with fish pancakes quite new to me (got a good idea though)...


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