Monday, December 23, 2013

Pandan (Screwpine) Cordial

Thinking and thinking may not lead to the end of road but to more confusion. Better to decide instead of staying put at the same point especially about which recipe it should be. With Christmas on the way, it should be an impressive stylish cake but I've not been baking lately. Still a joyous celebration must be ushered with something sweet. Cheers to this pandan cordial (Pandan Lime, Basil Lemonade, Mango 7-Up and Lemongrass Cordialwith the array of dishes before continuing the good vibes with "one for the road" wine, cocktail (Grapefruit Sangria and Orange Fruity Sangria) or alcohol
Pandan cordial is definitely way better compared to store bought sugar loaded cordials because you decide on the amount of sugar. Also, can be made in advance and stored in the fridge. On Christmas day or whenever you have guest, mix and serve the soothing-refreshing cordial. What a way to go right??  

For the Pandan Cordial
20 pandan leaves - soaked and rinsed
Sugar (as needed - any type)
2 cups water

Add leaves and water into a pot.
Simmer to release the aroma.
Do not over boil unless you like some bitterness. 
Drain off the juice and pour back in the pot.
Add sugar.
Simmer for a thick syrup. 
Cool down and store in the fridge or mix with water for a warm or cold glass of pandan cordial.  
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  1. Love the stepwise we did not get the leaves.if available sure am gonna try it.inviting click

  2. Ive seein so much of pandan over blogs! I literally want to taste it :) Nice Collection of drinks! Really Worth Going Thru!!

  3. So much better than using/drinking ready-made bottled sugary stuff. All the drinks look so refreshing and I love the way you have scattered the leaves in your picture(s). Makes a stunning effect.
    I've been baking today. It's my niece's birthday, there's a Christmas dinner tomorrow and my gifts are cakes!! So no time left to blog today.;)

  4. awesome drink and clicks as well....never know pandan leaves can be used for making such a beautiful drink..we usally use this leaves while making biriyani :)

  5. Nice pics n well explained nível try to find d leaves here..thanx fr introducing dear nava :)

  6. Great collection of drinks. My friend from Malaysia has gifted me pandan paste.can i use this for this drink

  7. Such a beautiful and refreshing drink my friend :D

    Happy Holidays!

  8. A good alternative to carbonated drinks.. Never heard of these leaves.. Thanks for sharing..

  9. first time hearing about pandan leaves....def this would be better than carbonated drinks for the party .....

  10. Great drinks the flavor and the color...beautiful!
    Have a wonderful week :D

  11. I think this is just what every one needs at the moment. Some naturally refreshing drink...especially on our side that the temparatures are soaring. I like all these flavours...I've made basil lemonade before and herbs uplift the quality of beverages. An amazing collection Nava!

  12. Thanks for sharing this...I had never heard of pandan before!! Now i am tempted to try it out...

  13. Hi Nava, love this pandan cordial, look so refreshing and the fragrant scent must be heavenly too. The rest of the drinks are very delightful. Thanks for sharing.

    Have a wonderful week ahead, regards.

  14. that looks so refreshing and beautiful! This is again something new :)


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