Saturday, December 7, 2013

Malaysian Style Fried Mee Hoon (Rice Vermicelli)

Lost in space I was with the lost of Helpless and almost tearing, I knew something must be done but must be done without getting worked-up. A couple of emails to Google and of course you get the programmed reply - "please check at blogger forum". I did. Honestly nothing much of a help and the more I read from other sites, the more paranoia the state of mind. All sorts of frightening sharing eg: lost domain will be auctioned, need to purchase a new domain, it will take two months before the matter is solved etc. etc until I pressed the panic button by shooting more mails to Google without realising its gonna be the weekend. Came Monday, I wrote again while keeping my fingers crossed.

Finally a call from Google at about 2am for verification but took a while to sort the technical aspects. Then on Wednesday afternoon, life returned with the return of nava-k. Okay. Lesson learned - ensure that particulars are updated if at all there's changes - eg: change of address, change of credit card or what ever crucial information. Tadaaa!!! Here I am again with a recipe without another long story. 

Try this mee hoon  when you want to keep it simple for breakfast, for brunch or even for  lunch. It is fried up with dried prawns, chillies, cabbage and garlic. 
2 slabs of mee hoon (soften with hot water and then in cold water)
3 tbsp dried shrimps/prawns - soaked and rinsed 
5 garlic - chopped
2 red chillies - sliced thinly (with or without the seeds)
2 sprigs coriander leaves - shredded/sliced
2 sprigs spring onion - shredded/sliced
1/4 cabbage - shredded
4 tbsp of oil
Salt for taste (use sparingly)
Lime wedges - as needed

Heat oil and fry dried shrimps tills crispy and crunchy.
Add garlic and continue to fry for another 1 min.
Put in mee hoon and cabbage.
Stir and combine in.
Then add the rest of the ingredients expect lime. 
Stir again (another 1-2 mins) and remove from heat.
Serve with lime wedges. 
More on lifestyle at nava-k's facebook page.

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  1. oh great u got back ur domain! I know it can make one so restless, its all our hard work which gets struck with the blog :) This fried vermicelli Rice Looks great!!

  2. Thanks for sharing the information.will be helpful to many.
    Btw mee hoon is yummy

  3. I am really scared after reason your experience in domain renew process..
    I am going to renew mine although I have few months left till it expires.
    Happy Weekend

  4. I can imagine what it must have been for you but glad that it all ended well. The rice vermicelli looks very comforting :-)

  5. I do without shrimps.. tasty and light dish

  6. I'm so glad you got your domain back and this post will help so many bloggers. For someone who posts so regularly such a thing happening is nightmarish.
    A joy to see these photos...beautiful colours and the taste must be delicious!

  7. I am so glad Nava, your blog is up again and will look forward for your next post. It can happen to anybody and your post will be helpful. What kind of lettuce is that? It looks so fresh and crispy, love the salad with Malaysian flavors.

  8. Mine is also expiring in few day... Thanks for sharing the information..Really useful..

  9. A simple but flavorful rendition of meehoon goreng. Love the plating.

  10. I also do rice noodles, happy to knwo its mee hoom name as well.I loved ur colorful noodles more than mine bcz i dont add veggies to it .Very hard time u must have had during those 4-5 days and glad u are sharing your experiance as well to educate others how to move it further ..Thanks Nava

  11. Thank God All is well now, happy that you got out of the problem you were facing and got a fix too.. :)

  12. That is so nice of u to share this with other bloggers glad it ended well.
    What a yummy looking noodles love shrimp in it

  13. Thanks everyone for the concern and comments.
    Bal - I don't know the exact name of the salad leaves. If I am not mistaken, its romaine lettuce.

  14. sounds like a really scary situation, to lose after having done all!!! so glad u managed to get all back in safe and sound condition... the noodles look so yum... i would have it without the shrimps to avoid allergy... :)

  15. Thanks God everything is back to normal for you, Nava. Well, your fried bee hoon is simple and yummy. Thumbs up :)

  16. Nice Blog :)

    Wanna follow each other on GFC???

    Just let me know and I will make sure to follow ya back

  17. Hi Nava, its nice that you educated us about such situations.. Stir fried mee hoon rice looks lovely :)

  18. The hard thing in such situations is to stay calm and in your case that was pretty long. I'm sure you were counting hours. Glad that the situation is over now.
    I love noodles in any form but if something like this is on my plate I will enjoy every mouthful. Look at the refreshing with a stunning presentation!

  19. Just looks so fresh and tempting...delicious & mouthwatering!

  20. This sounds great, you've made me hungry!

  21. Such a flavour packed dish that is and so tempting.

  22. Gosh, I would've totally freaked out too! I share both your pain & joy. Glad everything's back to norm.

    I'm a huge fan of bee hoon; any kind. Would love to try this out too! Thanks so much for being an awesome supporter of Luxury Haven! Hope to see your name in the Top 5 Commenter List!

  23. it is one of my fav.
    I prefer it to be darker to put dark soya sauce...

  24. yummy platter with nice vibrant colors....

  25. Oh..that must have really whirled up tension..but glad all went well. The vermicelli looks so inviting.

  26. Wow they look delicious ... Want to grab that plate

  27. Never knew that web hosting was such a headache! glad you got your domain back..
    the fried mee hoon rice looks lovely and i loved how they sound too!! Mee Hoon!!

  28. I love bee hoon!!! esp those with lots of bensprouts and cabbage to provide a crunch!

  29. This is heaven for me! colors so vibrant, i'm ready to grab from the plate.

  30. Looks soo tempting.. I have tried mee hoon once..but like ur version its easy n looks delish

  31. This looks so delicious and healthy.


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