Monday, December 9, 2013

MAC Lightful Marine-Bright Formula Cleanser

Hellooo!! I'm here today to share with all you most amazing beauties on this MAC Lightful Marine-Bright Formula Cleanser. Yes everyone. I think you heard me loud and clear. You will I bet because I have the loudest voice and the most contagious laughter, are you still dazed, wondering why did nava k ditch Shu Uemura (Shu Uemura Whitening Emulsion & Shu Uemura Foaming Cleansing Water) for MAC?  Let me say this. I just wanted to keep my options open. After all, MAC is a brand many are marketing for free. Basically, word of mouth from those who simply adore MAC compact powder. I was told that its a perfect fit for Indian skin, options of shades to suit darker skin tone for a natural look. I can't confirm if it is, maybe, when I use it myself personally, I definitely will tell you. Today, lets just stay focus on MAC Lightful Marine-Bright Formula Cleanser (RM109.00).

Refreshing, creamy and a dense foam that gently and thoroughly cleanses, MAC Lightful Marine-Bright Formula Cleanser is sealed with potent addition of vitamin C. Enhanced with Marine-Bright Formula and Super-Duo Charged Water to intensify the overall benefits to the skin, this cleanser actively cleanses, re-balances, refreshes, hydrates and brightens without dehydrating. Rinses off easily, leaving a delicate signature scent and is newly packaged in a silver holographic pattern. 
Packaged in a shiny attractive pearlescent tube, apart from fruit and root extracts, MAC Lightful Marine-Bright Formula Cleanser contains caffeine, glycerine and hallelujah, paraben free. I am somewhat fond of its unique, light and refreshing scent, I just need a tiniest bit of this pearly white, thick and lathering well in a natural way cleanser. Instantly melting for going on smoothly on my face, once I lather it with water, this non harsh cleanser washes off quickly without causing any tingling or burning sensation. Leaving me fresh and plain clean without traces of residue, it does not also strip away my vital lipids, but you should lower down your expectation if you are expecting it for moisturising your skin.     
Also, I can't say  if MAC Lightful Marine-Bright Formula Cleanser will do a decent job in removing traces of make-up. For me, basically, its  a cleanser for receiving my morning essential skin-care and beauty products (emulsion and compact powder). Oh, before I forget, packaging is hardy, as I have said earlier, use it sparingly and it will take you through for the longest time.

That's it ladies. See you again next time. 

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  1. I am going to try this ASAP
    Have a great week

  2. 100ml...just nice. can take into plane right?

  3. Must be a wonderful product. It's Mac after all.:)

  4. Very well reviewed nava.. I have to grab this because I didn't knew about this product


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