Monday, December 9, 2013

MAC Lightful Marine-Bright Formula Cleanser

Supposedly the mind is set  in such a way that once we are satisfied with a particular brand (Shu Uemura Whitening Emulsion & Shu Uemura Foaming Cleansing Water), we prefer to remain in the comfort zone. I mean, trying out other brands is then like a major thing and we sure hesitate, don't we? Well, I am also in the same boat, also, I am cautious with using new products for my combination-sensitive skin. Having said that, if I don't try despite risking my money matters, I won't know if there are other suitable products. So, yes, I took the risk and bought this Cleanser for RM109.00, definitely not cheap compared to other average brands out there.

Now, lets hear what MAC have to say -
Refreshing, creamy and a dense foam that gently and thoroughly cleanses, MAC formula cleanser brightens the skin with its potent addition of vitamin C. Enhanced with Marine-Bright Formula and Super-Duo Charged Water to intensify the overall benefits to the skin, this cleanser actively cleanses, rebalances, refreshes, hydrates and brightens without dehydrating, rinses off easily leaving a delicate signature scent and is newly packaged in a silver holographic pattern. 
Packaged in a shiny attractive pearlescent tube and outer packaging, apart from the fruit and root extracts, it contains caffeine, glycerine, is paraben free and I am quite pleased with the cleanser's unique, light and refreshing scent.  As the attractive pearly white formula is thick, I only need a tiniest amount to lather up really well in a natural way. Though deemed as a foaming cleanser,  it is not so much of the foaming I am impressed with, but the foam instantly melting upon lathering with water to go on smoothly on the face. As a non harsh cleanser, it doesn't cause tingling or burning sensations to wash off quickly. Still, splashing lots of water and gently massaging it off definitely is a refreshing start in the morning. After wiping dry, my face is fresh and plain clean without leaving any trace or residue and it does not strip away my vital lipids neither does it moisturise my skin.   
This cleanser I only use in the morning because for thoroughly cleanse my face after work, I prefer Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil. Thus, uncertain I am if MAC formula cleanser will do a decent job in removing traces of make-up. Basically, it works as a cleanser to prep and absorb in my daily care products (emulsion and compact powder), a tiny bit goes a long, it is lasting, you can sash it in your luggage as it packaged in a hardly tube and assured the cleanser will not melt back down in different climates.

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  1. I am going to try this ASAP
    Have a great week

  2. 100ml...just nice. can take into plane right?

  3. Must be a wonderful product. It's Mac after all.:)

  4. Very well reviewed nava.. I have to grab this because I didn't knew about this product


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