Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fried Pineapple Rolls

Hi there everyone.
Hope all is well and good with each of you. I, as usual, am going on with my life. Nothing really exciting so far, basically, work and home affairs. In fact, I had just returned home an hour ago, and right now I am staring at my laptop. I really can't decide what should be the trigger start. Really, I can't decide. Or maybe, I should shut down my laptop and do nothing except sat in front of the tv. Then again, old habits die hard, call it the blogging habit which seemingly I can't let go. Thank god, I managed to pull out this Fried Pineapple Roll recipe from my collection, shall we get to the recipe now? Of course. Made with ready made pastry sheets which has been comfortably cushioning in my fridge for a while, Fried Pineapple Rolls is pretty much an easy preasy dessert actually. Nothing really complicated (Sujee Cake, Semolina LadooOndeh Ondeh & Bingka Pisang), and one which is fried instead of baked (Bread Cheesy Rolls & Bread Sardine Rolls), pastry sheet filled with pineapple and crushed peanuts, rolled and deep fried, its crispy on the outside and with a sweet, tangy and nutty burst at the first bite (Almond Brownies, Honeydew Sago Dessert, Mango Sticky Rice & Sago Payasam).

Canned pineapple will save a whole of time. 
For a vegetarian version, seal the edges  of the sheets with corn flour mixed with some water. 
Roll out sheets as thick or thin as you like. 
Ingredients are estimates, do feel free to adjust as per your taste. 
Yum into these rolls once fried. Otherwise, the crunch is gone.  
8 sheets (4 x 4) pastry sheets
1/2 cup chopped pineapple
2 tbsp roasted crushed peanuts
Sugar (as needed)
A pinch of cinnamon
1 egg - light beaten
Flour (as needed)
Oil for deep frying. 

Combine pineapple, peanuts, sugar and cinnamon for the filling.
Keep aside. 
Dust flour over sheet and roll out with a rolling pin to stretch out.
Scoop a bit of the filling, place in the centre of the rolled sheet and brush the edges with egg.
Gently and tightly roll the sheet.  
With a fork, poke the roll just here and there.  
Do the same to the rest of the sheets, ie - roll, roll again after filling and poke holes. 
Once done, fry in batches, then drain over kitchen towel and serve immediately. 
A scoop of ice cream with these rolls surely will take you to heaven. 

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  1. Thanks! I hv some pineapple and popiah skin. Maybe can mk this !

  2. interesting! So innovative! I have not heard of something like this before!

  3. Deep fried pineapples wow interesting.I remember one TV Program in travel channel Where they deep fry everything.If you want a very diff deep fry this is the one .

  4. Wow. Interesting recipe.really new for me

  5. Interesting and flavorful desert .....lovely nava!

  6. I have had it some hotel, they look professional.

  7. Deep fried pastry sheet and pineapple , I have to try this.Looks so crispy !!

  8. I've never tried this combo before. It sounds so good that I'm going to try it out soon!

  9. Elegant and pleasing dessert Nava,looks new!

  10. I love pineple.. Will try this
    Keep in touch,

  11. wonderful snack,tangy and crunchy nice combo.looks delicious nava.

  12. Never came across a recipe that calls for frying puff pastry. I am very curious how the texture and taste was. Love puff pastry and I always have it in my freezer. Lovely combo. Would definitely want to try this. Was frying puff pastry an original idea or were u inspired?
    Thanks for sharing.

  13. Interesting combo peanuts and pine apple.. I have some pineapple slices.. Will give it a try today.. Thanks for sharing..

  14. sounds interesting..looks yummy and delicious

  15. Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments. Quite surprisingly that some of you are not aware of such a dessert.
    YesCook - Inspired by my friend, her idea and I brought it on.

  16. The fried pastry looks delicious..:-) Adding to my to-do list

  17. this is so yum... the time i saw it on FB, i've been drooling...

  18. Such a Lovely and time saving dessert Nava, Looks really juicy inside :)

  19. wow haven't heard about this! it looks so amazing and yummy!

  20. very interesting pineapple rolls, will surely try this...

  21. what a lively dessert, i guess i'm using jack fruit for this recipe since i'm allergic with pinneaple.....

  22. Oh, I love this kind of sweet treat! Sweet, nutty, crispy...just delicious! What a great way of using pastry will be a handy recipe even for unexpected guests.

  23. I have a pineapple. will try this. thnx for sharing !

  24. Hey Nava, take rest and take good care of yourself.. I would say take a vacation...
    The pineapple rolls look smashing...

  25. Interesting. Love fried bananas, but never tried fried pineapple before. I am sure this tastes good.

  26. Sounds like a great recipe. Will you like to follow each other on GFC and Twitter? xoxo
    New Post Fashion Talks

  27. This pineapple roll recipe is calling to me, delicious :D


  28. outstanding dish....loved making and devouring these crispy treats,thanks for the inspiration :-)

  29. Hi Nava, this is fantastic and truly awesome. Send some over to my place, please....LOL

  30. Pineapple, peanuts, cinnamon... it has all of my favourites :))) Terrific combination :)


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