Sunday, November 17, 2013

Eat @ Khmer ! Restaurant - Cambodia

Sweaty, stuffy, dust covered and after gulping gallons of water while touring Angkor Wat, hungry as wolves we arrived in this non air-conditioned Khmer restaurant along the road side. Food definitely was all we wanted at this moment, but prior to that, we really and sincerely needed to wash up. Walking in Angkor Wat had covered us with dust mainly, hands, legs and we also tried to dust away our hair despite protecting it with caps and scarfs. Thereafter, seated at the long wooden table, we were served. Quite big portions of Khmer dishes, including the vegetarians items for those who were, obviously non-meat eaters.
Fried Cambodian spring rolls - various types of thinly sliced vegetables encased inside the crispy rolls, accompanied with a creamy spicy dip.
 Stir fried mixed vegetables in a light soy flavoured sauce.
Stir fried Chinese cabbage in a mild spicy soy based sauce.
Salad - fresh greens with local herbs, tossed with lime juice, sugar and salt, and sprinkled with peanuts.
Mixed vegetables fried up with meat and soaked up with gravy.
Thick creamy pumpkin soup.
Khmer vegetable curry  - an assortment of soft and tender veggies swimming in a fiery coconut milk curry.
Coconut milk chicken curry with chillies, onion and vegetables steamed in coconut shell.

These dishes eaten with rice were flavourful. Lovely. Just so good. After tucking in, we unanimously agreed that pumpkin soup, vegetable curry and the other curry in coconut shell were the winners. The veg dishes couldn't be faulted, which were basically cooked over high heat akin Chinese stir fried dishes. Just simple flavours, yet, staying true to typical Khmer flavours. Not really much different compared to the ones we have already tucked in at other Vietnamese restaurants so far (Quan Ngon 138 Vietnamese Restaurant and Vietnam House Restaurant. Still, I think unique in its own ways. 
What I loved the most was the pumpkin custard - lovely combination of pumpkin's natural sweetness, palm sugar and coconut milk custard. Truly a nice dessert.
Custard apples on the other hand were the perfect fit for those who preferred natural sweetness instead of the pumpkin custard. Tummy fully tucked, we then continued walking for more of Angkor Wat.

Up next: Angkor Wat - Part 2.

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  1. Everything looks mouth watering .It looks like asian flovours only .Star dish is served in fresh coconut hmm .Wonderful review

  2. sounds a comfort food, but i think i would love cambodian food since it's not that differ from chinese cuisine....

  3. Oh those spring rolls were especially wonderful :D
    Delicious review!


  4. I would love a taste of the coconut dish. Hope someone will bring this dsh over to Malaysia though taste may not be as "original"

  5. everything looks soo yummy..mmm
    great clicks

    my recent one :

  6. Hi Nava, all the food look so delicious. The spring roll look really inviting, love this.
    The pumpkin custard is very nice. I used to made this, love fragrant scent of the gula melaka.

    Best regards.

  7. All the dishes look wonderful with fresh ingredients. I never tried the Cambodian Custard Apple before. Looks interesting and delicious.

  8. Muy original todas las comidas se ven riquìsimas ,abrazos.

  9. Love the colourful post! I wanna try the chicken in coconut too. Have an awesome week, dear!


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