Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Bagan Hailam Lagoon Seafood Restaurant (Pelabuhan Klang) Selangor

The family decided to gather for dinner and instead of dining at the nearby eateries, a long drive to Pelaburan Klang though initially some thought of Coconut Flower Seafood. Eventually the mutual agreement was back to Bagan Hailam Lagoon Seafood Restaurant. The first party arrived while the next group was a little confused because seemed like there's two restaurants with almost identical names. Anyway, after a couple of phone calls, we figured out that this seafood restaurant was it - sort of a floating restaurant facing the sea for the home style dishes. 

Drinks as usual the first call, between the juices, fresh coconut water and the men, they sure love beer to relax while tucking into the seafood dishes. 

Soon, the dishes arrived alongside with chopped garlic and birds eye chillies. For the kids, the sizzling claypot tofu whereas we started tucking into the mixed vegetables in a thick white sauce, green veggie stir fried with garlic, fried chicken in Thai sauce. asam fish, fried fish in soy sauce, butter prawns, steamed crabs and kam heong crabs. 


The veggies dishes were basically for the simple flavour yet a must to be eaten with rice. The fish dishes, the fresh catch for the spicy sour asam fish and the crispy fried fish with tad salty burst from the soy sauce. The crispy fried chicken oozing again with spicy sour notes and the prawn dish for the curry leaves aroma. Between the two crab dishes, the steamed version was not popular for its subtle bland flavours whereas the kam cheong crab was the winner though an extra doze of spiciness we would have appreciated. 

This restaurant certainly offers fresh seafood either cooked in a simple style or in big bold flavours.Certainly it was a great experience facing the sky while tucking into the meal and it will also be great to return to Bagan Hailam if we don't mind driving the distance.

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  1. Wow...I like. Thanks. Will try and find this plc. at yip kee noodle in sect 15 subang jaya. Opposite the metro politant college.

    Food here is nice

  2. nice place n lovely dishes!!! love the wat tender coconut is served if im not wrong :D

  3. Lovely restaurant .I love the tender coconut ,its very cute.

  4. The place is so cool.. Food looks yummy
    Is that coconut fixed on ice..!!
    Keep in touch,

  5. Oh Nava u tempt me with yummy looking food from the restaurant every time.The crab does look the best and that coconut with frozen base I have never seen that before.

  6. seems like one tasty seafood meal


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