Sunday, November 10, 2013

AXA AFFIN - Cancer Outreach Campaign With National Cancer Society Malaysia (NCSM)

Cancer is a word that gives me the shivers because I have seen and am still seeing some of my family members and people I know who are fighting back the disease. While I am not an expert to elaborate on cancer, I am aware that the will to stay strong and the love of close ones are definitely ways of pushing the disease far away. There is also the issue of financial support they need for their treatments. 

Money is a concern for cancer patients for they have to pay for their medical treatments. I consider my lucky because my other half has bought a medical insurance policy and also, since I am still employed, I am covered by another insurance policy provided by my employer. That said, some are caught off guard. They probably never in their slightest moment thought that cancer can come after them. Others can't afford to pay for their treatment for whatever reasons best known to them. 
My post today is specifically about my little contribution to those who seek treatment from National Cancer Society Malaysia center, located in Tung Shin Hospital, Jalan Pudu. As prominently stated in the title, AXA AFFIN has collaborated with NCSM in supporting cancer patients currently undergoing chemotherapy in this campaign and their effort to care for cancer patients. 

My part is very small compared to the major steps initiated by AXA AFFIN and NCSM. Yet I am proud that I was approached and by linking AXA 110 CANCER CARE, I am giving a cancer patient one day funding for their daycare usage at NCSM center. 
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  1. So good of of to write a post dedicated to this deadly desease.. I have seen a family member fighting it , it's so painful ..
    Happy Sunday
    Keep in touch,

  2. Awesome post to create awareness among society for a really good cause.. Kudos to you Nava.. Hugsxx

  3. It's good to be associated with a cause like this, Nava. Hats off to you!

  4. This is a heart warming post, Nava... You are doing a great job, Hugs...

  5. I bookmarked this page on the 11th and I got a chance to stop by only today!
    It is such a warm gesture, Nava! And the strong point that you have penned down i.e. "will to stay strong and the love of close ones are definitely ways of pushing the disease far away." - is very very true. I have seen the suffering and ultimate death due to cancer in my own family(Uncle). So I do know that...although people keep saying lifestyle is the reason for Cancer....I do not believe so...because we have seen people get this disease even though their lifestyle seem just about right. I really hope researchers/doctors find a cure to all forms of cancer soon. The worst of all in my opinion is - the treatment itself sucks blood out of the patient and the loved ones in one way or the other. My heart goes out to all of them enduring this dreaded disease. Again..It is such a sweet and gracious gesture...lots of respect!!
    Also when you get a chance do visit this site - It is a heartwarming collection of photos and details about a husband who registers his wife's ordeal battle with cancer -


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