Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Bell Tower - Perth, WA

Flagging down a cab from Perth Zoo was quite a thing. No cabs, cabs had passengers, some cabs didn't stop whereas I was crossing the road back and forth. Finally, ahhh!! I got into a cab and arrived at the bell tower. Then, I walked around the surrounding area, later I was in front of the Bell Tower.   

Bell tower is one of Perth's most unique and must see tourist attraction, also a cultural icon with enduring authenticity where bells and clocks from all over the world and through the ages have been carefully restored, preserved and interpreted. The tower's extravagant architecture with glass spire and copper has also become a landmark in Perth, in addition to the Swan bells that form a circle of 18 bells, the tower contains an exhibition on clocks, bell and bell casting.

Within 10 minutes, I had to leave because my friends had arrived to fetch me for lunch at Govinda's Hare Krishna Restaurant.

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  1. lovely post would love to visit .Thanks for sharing

  2. What an awesome structure! I enjoy seeing pictures of your travels and these were equally fascinating. The exhibition of clocks sound most interesting!

  3. nice post Nava ! lovely clicks...and the tower is a real imposing structure !

  4. This place is just beautiful. Loved the pictures!!

  5. Looks a bit like a rocket. Funny.


  6. Loved the pictures they are beautiful Navs :)

  7. lovely and beautiful the bell tower click

  8. Very beautiful click, when I read bell tower I was expecting a big building with bell. but this absolutely stunning more like a rocketship...


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