Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Bell Tower - Perth, WA

Here I was, outside Perth Zootrying to flag down a cab. Nothing. I just stood still for 10 minutes. Either cabs didn't want to stop, or cabs had  passengers, I didn't know what to do. So, I crossed over to the other side of the road, hoping I can get a cab. Nothing again. After crossing back and forth, lets say 4 times, finally, hallelujah, I managed. I told the cab driver to stop me at The Bell Tower, he surely did. I got down, I aimlessly walked around, from the far end where the lake is, then within the shops and later, I looked in front towards the Bell Tower. Impressive marvelous structure. Akin a rocket shooting to the sky, I got closer and again, I just stood to look at it.    

One of Perth's most unique landmarks, but hardly spoken about, not by my friends who have visited Perth though, Bell Tower, indeed, I agree, is a cultural icon. It speaks, it showcases bells and clocks from all over the world. Restored and preserved through the ages. Actually, to tell you the truth, I didn't see the bells and clocks from outside, maybe I didn't really look further, but sincerely, I didn't see or I couldn't see. Maybe I didn't really peep inside, I should have actually, nevertheless, I did read those relevant information from the sign to understand the significance of Bell Tower. Tower's extravagant glass spire and copper architecture, swan bells forming a circle of 18 bells, Bell Tower is where you will see the exhibition of clocks, bells and bell casting. 

Going inside was impossible, not because I couldn't afford, but time has eaten up on me. My friends will be arriving soon. They arrived within the next  5 minutes, I hopped in, the next mission for us, as always for Malaysians is food. We have yet to decide where it should be, I guess we have to soon because I have to be in Perth airport by 4.00pm. 

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  1. lovely post would love to visit .Thanks for sharing

  2. What an awesome structure! I enjoy seeing pictures of your travels and these were equally fascinating. The exhibition of clocks sound most interesting!

  3. nice post Nava ! lovely clicks...and the tower is a real imposing structure !

  4. This place is just beautiful. Loved the pictures!!

  5. Looks a bit like a rocket. Funny.


  6. Loved the pictures they are beautiful Navs :)

  7. lovely and beautiful the bell tower click

  8. Very beautiful click, when I read bell tower I was expecting a big building with bell. but this absolutely stunning more like a rocketship...


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