Tuesday, October 15, 2013

TGIF Friday's - Subang Parade, Subang Jaya

"Thank God For This Saturday" - a smooth drive to Subang Parade, some shopping and lunch at TGIF, the franchisor-franchisee world known restaurant which we frequented many many moons ago on Fridays for "boozy-booze". But over the years, having covered my alcohol quota though half-half claims there's still plenty room for alcohol tipsing in me, our intention of this day was for tummy filling and not alcohol drowning. We didn't mind spending in TGIF, which by the way, mind you is not cheap. You need money please. What do you expect for a hearty meal in this basically sports bar ambiance and always attentive customer service. We know. Remember, I have told that TGIF was akin our favourite place? That's right. I believe prices has shot up, logically, cost of living has shot up, can't be TGIF will maintain the same price for the many years they have been in this same spot? Maybe its still worth dining in TGIF because there is no short of a wide selection of Western dishes, cocktails, mocktails and desserts on their menu and as I have already said, you can expect excellent customer service. True enough. The staff patiently waited while we were deciding on what to call for. He did throw in some suggestions, we listened and then finally we ordered Osso Bucco, Tennessee Chicken And Shrimp, Pineapple Sunshine and other half wanted to walk back to memory lane by ordering beer.

Beer is a beer anywhere, I believe so, other half-half didn't rave about the one he sipped in. So, let me not speak any further on beer, beer topic officially closed, let me say what it was like when I sipped into Pineapple Sunshine. A concoction of pineapple juice, orange juice, passion fruit syrup and topped with ice, so refreshing and soothing for wetting my throat and tongue. Nice. Much appreciated.
Our mains came cruising within the next 10 minutes, "Osso Bucco" consisted of two pieces of lamb shanks over a bed of buttery-creamy mashed potatoes, atop with celery, tomato and lotsa herbs. My other half half who is a lamb man, enjoyed this complete, wholesome and filling meal, though he commented that lamb was tough. He did struggle on chewing it.  
Perfectly grilled succulent juicy chicken, crispy coated fried prawns, tangy salad, a scoop of butter creamy mashed potatoes and accompanied with a honey, chilli and bbq flavoured mild sauce, "Tennessee Chicken And Shrimp" won my heart. Such a western meal is seldom my kind of food, nevertheless, this hearty meal won my heart and tummy. Pleasure was mine in devouring it. 

Overall, dining in TGIF was a nostalgic memory for us. We enjoyed our food, though, tough lamb should have been tenderized, still, a pleasant experience.  

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  1. wow, interesting place! The ambience and decoration looks so retro yet classy!

  2. Nice to hear .Here there are some TGI fridays .My husband is chicken lover ,SO next time we will give a try.Thanks for your review

  3. I celebrated my 19th birthday there! My college mates tricked me into suffering the birthday song.

  4. wow love those retro pics,precise review

  5. Fascinating eateries!
    i like their generous portion....

  6. Nice place to visit.. Thanks for sharing it in detail.

  7. No complaints about the service there. Been there a few times. They are even very attentive to kids

  8. It's been long since I've been to TGIF too. I have always loved their ambience and service more than the food. The choice of menu sounds great and I'm already salivating here!

  9. Looks like a fun place! Everything looks yum...salivating at the sight of those prawns!!


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