Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Perth Zoo - Western Australia

Regardless of the entire week of planning to visit Perth Zoo, sadly, nothing took off. Perhaps fingers shouldn't be pointed to anyone, but indirectly I felt let down. One moment the counterparts were keen for a visit and later, they changed their mind. This went on and on until I gave up on asking. Anyway, I wouldn't give up, so on the last day after breakfast at Ms Maud Restaurant, I braved myself and flagged a cab. Fortunately, the Indonesian cab driver was a gem of a person, we spoke at great length about life back home and he told me why he is in Australia. Obviously, what else except for dollars and cents.

Arriving at the entrance and paying AUS24.50, it was the start to the at least 2 hours in Perth Zoo.  

With 1,200 different animals from over 160 species, Perth Zoo dates back all the way to 1898. Indeed, plenty to explore in this large area. Nonetheless, I was going in circles, eventually I covered almost everything including the recreated natural habitats, African savanna, Australia and Asian wetlands, and Australian bush-walk sight in this superbly maintained zoo.

By right, I should have spend at least half a day here, but I could only spare two hours because I still had the Swan Bell Tower to see, then lunching with friends before leaving to the airport.

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  1. So interesting to see these zoo pictures and read the descriptions in your images as well. I had seen the Sausage tree at the Rock Garden in Chandigarh but didn't know what it was. Glad I know it now after seeing it here!

  2. Lovely one Nava,its as if I visited the zoo personally :)

  3. Looks like u had a nice time in Australia.

  4. Nice pics, i feel like visiting a zoo too, its been ages and i gavent been to a zoo
    Keep in touch,

  5. wow...very interesting zoo..visiting zoo is always my favorite since childhood..i have been visited many zoo so for...while reading your detailed post and pics... i felt like i am walking trough zoo itself..thanks for sharing!!!

  6. Pics are fabulous! :) U seem to be on world tour!

  7. Super pics Nava, loved the clicks...

  8. lovely pictures of animals..my fav place to visit on weekends...

  9. how many hours you spent there? Seems a lot of things to see . Interesting on sausage tree


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