Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Perth Zoo - Western Australia

My whole week of planning to visit Perth Zoo didn't materialise. Sadly. I know I shouldn't point fingers, still, I can't help but mention that I felt let down by counterparts who were in the same training program. Some were not interested in sightseeing, fine. Some preferred to cling to their set of just met friends, fine. But some who kept promising just  backed off. Peculiarity! People you meet for the first time who come on as nice people, but after almost a week, you actually find out that they are not what they seem. Good lesson. I sure not only learned on how to be better in my job during the training, I also had an informal training by not taking people for face value. People who can't decide what they want especially. 

Having said that, I still didn't give up. I still was adamant on visiting Perth Zoo. Who cared if I had company or not, this morning after breakfast at Ms Maud Restaurant, I braved myself and flagged a cab. Fortunately, the Indonesian cab driver was a gem of a person. We spoke at great length about life back home and he told me why he is in Australia. Obviously, what else except dollars and cents. We also concluded that people across the world board are similar. You get the good, bad, ugly, genuine and sneakiness is part of  it all.  
Arriving at the entrance and paying AUS24.50,  I walked into Perth Zoo. Initially I was slightly lost on which direction I should head to. You can't blame me. I was, for whatever reason feeling nervous. Then I told myself what possibly can go wrong? Follow the signs and I should be well and good among the many others, mostly parents with kids. 

Two solid hours, in fact I had to rush through, I was worried if I will be behind time since I have another place to visit and later meeting my three friends. Anyway, treasuring my hours in Perth Zoo, I made sure I didn't miss out on anything. Hopefully I didn't, Perth Zoo, dating back all the way to 1898, features at least 1,200 different animals from over 160 species. A huge area, I loved my moment in Perth Zoo. Who ever said boring and Zoo is only for kids? I went in circles, sometimes lost in figuring out if I am circling the same spots, nonetheless, I did see the recreated natural habitats, African savanna, Australian and Asian wetlands, and sure, Australian bush-walk in this really well maintained zoo. Nature joy.

Wish I had more time, I honestly did, but, I sure felt good that I had my moment in Perth Zoo. More importantly I braved myself by coming alone and I have come to terms that I can enjoy my own travel company. Hail Nava-K.
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  1. So interesting to see these zoo pictures and read the descriptions in your images as well. I had seen the Sausage tree at the Rock Garden in Chandigarh but didn't know what it was. Glad I know it now after seeing it here!

  2. Lovely one Nava,its as if I visited the zoo personally :)

  3. Looks like u had a nice time in Australia.

  4. Nice pics, i feel like visiting a zoo too, its been ages and i gavent been to a zoo
    Keep in touch,

  5. wow...very interesting zoo..visiting zoo is always my favorite since childhood..i have been visited many zoo so for...while reading your detailed post and pics... i felt like i am walking trough zoo itself..thanks for sharing!!!

  6. Pics are fabulous! :) U seem to be on world tour!

  7. Super pics Nava, loved the clicks...

  8. lovely pictures of animals..my fav place to visit on weekends...

  9. how many hours you spent there? Seems a lot of things to see . Interesting on sausage tree


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