Friday, October 18, 2013

Ondeh Ondeh (Glutinous balls filled with palm sugar)

Ondeh ondeh is the love of all Malaysians. The true and true Malaysian sweet treat, truly a favourite, ondeh ondeh is made with glutinous rice, scented with screwpine/pandan leaves, filled with palm sugar and rolled over fresh coconut. Besides glutinous rice, you can also use sweet potatoes for the outer covering. Making is about the same process but for the potato, boiled and mashed before rolling. Sweet and delicious, the first bite of ondeh ondeh pops out a splash of the palm sugar before chewing off the gooey ball at one go!!
1 1/2 cups glutinous flour
1 tbsp all purpose flour
6-7 pandan leaves - blend with 3/4 cup of water to extract juice
A pinch of salt
100g palm sugar - chop into small pieces
1/2 cup fresh grated/desiccated coconut

Combine flour, pandan juice and salt.
Knead lightly till you get dough.
(Add water if needed)
Pinch a small piece of the dough and roll into a ball. 
Flatten the center and insert a piece of palm sugar inside.
Roll again and make sure the dough totally covers the palm sugar.
(Don't over stuff with palm sugar or it will burst while cooking)
Drop balls into a pot of boiling water.
When the balls starts float to the surface,
Remove with a slotted spoon and drain off excess water.
Finally coat the balls in coconut. 
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  1. Wow looks mouth watering and easy to make too :)

  2. These look amazing Nava. Love the pandan color

  3. I hv tasted it but never tried at home.. Looks so yummy and beautifully presented

  4. I love to eat this. Don't like buy. Rather make it coz in the shop they used brown sugar instead of palm sugar. Too sweet

  5. This is such a innovative recipe.. :)
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    Keep in touch,

  6. I've never heard of this before Nava.. Lovely ondeh ondeh, will try these myself too.. Thanks for sharing dear :-)

  7. Want to gobble all of them. So delicious they look.

  8. These lovely green color balls look awesome dear... Pass one to me :)

  9. love the natural color from the leaves, I am very against using any colors in food, that gives my food pictures not that great, but hey still its natural. have to try this for sure.

  10. I am sure it is super sweet.


  11. I love anything with coconut .This dish is fantabulous ,mouth watering what else i cant find words to appreciate.Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us all.

  12. Nava, this is my favorite, i like to eat this very much, like the palm sugar melt in my mouth when i bite this.

  13. I love onde onde. Biting into the sweet coconut and finding that juicy middle is fantastic! I was going to post this on my blog on day too :)

  14. These look so delicious! Love the colour from the pandan leaves...I can imagine the taste! Beautiful shots as well!

  15. Wow this looks so delicious and really new to me. Will surely try this cute little balls...

  16. Very interesting, I've never worked with glutonous rice before. Love how it looks and the coconut flakes must be so good with it.
    Sound great. We have a similar dish too, but stuffed with lentils and brown sugar, love it.

  17. OMG lovely presentation and yummy looking sweet.

  18. The name of the dish itself is new to me.. Love the sweets prepared with coconut..It is more appealing..

  19. Very Nice, Looking Yummy. . . . A G+ for ur Post and Have a Nice Day. . . :)

  20. interesting recipe and looks delicious Nava...

  21. oh I love this!!! Its very addictive! I can pop so many of it in one go!

  22. love this cute lovely balls...very new recipe to me..will try it sometimes...

  23. natural color by the pandan leaves makes it so very appealing.. A lovely recipe!

  24. Lovely presentation,never heared about this,but looks so tempting,I should first figure out what is pandan leaves :)

  25. I love this onde-onde, i actually had made it once and it preety damn hillarious process..
    my mistake is stuffed all the balls firs and let it sit for a while before drop it into the boiling water...
    the palm sugr split all over...hahaha
    but it still taste nice, i guess it's better be dropped the stuffed glutinous rice ball right after you stufing it

  26. Palm sugar sweets are always wonderful. And this one sounds and looks amazing. I've not heard of this before but I'm instantly drawn to the lovely green colour.

  27. Oh how i love the name :) This malaysian dessert look truly awesome Nava... :)


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