Monday, October 14, 2013

Jurlique Concept Store - (Murray Street, Perth)

I have been going up, down, in and out of Murray Street countless times for the last one week I've been in Perth (Ms Maud HotelMs Maud Restaurant, Western Australian Museum and San Churro). Murray street indeed is the abuzz street. Shopping, food haven, watering holes and really action packed with lotsa people from all walks of life throughout the day. As though anytime is a good time in Murray Street. Heightened further during weekends, street jam packed, party goers all worked up for fun and entertainment. Partying for me is over. I can't party anymore, or best said as I am not interested in being a wild beastly party animal. I had enough of fun back then many years ago. Nevertheless, Jurlique store in Murray Street was still the temptation for me. So, on the last day prior to leaving Perth,  I walked into the store, hoping I can get a product or two. Jurlique by the way is one of Australia's notable skincare products which uses the best in organic and bio-dynamic ingredients to deliver quality skin care products. 

When I walked in, the only and one Chinese female staff was attending to another customer. She looked at me, ignored me, and continued with trying her utmost best in convincing the customer by going over and over on the products placed on the table they were at. I on the other hand continued with standing around, hoping she will at least greet me. Nope. She was least bothered. What a pain she was, I actually felt sorry for Jurlique for hiring this crab.   

But the moment I started picturing the products, she at once came charging at me with her evil eyes. She wanted to know why I was picturing. I politely replied, she then walked away to convince the customer. I waited for another 10 minutes because I wanted to find out some depths on some of the products. She was not bothered at all. Beats me what was wrong this woman.

Instead of giving her a piece of my mind, which I believe is not worth it because its her lost, and the lost to this popular Australian brand. I left. So much for Chinese in Australia. Hell isn't it?

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  1. At least you saved your money as she didn't talk with you .

  2. I hate when sales staff behaves in such manner... Good that u dibt buy anything from such a shop...

  3. I won't even posted any of this if i were you,
    i guess your a humble, honest and too generous....

  4. Nava,taking pics must have sent a wrong signal to SA.Most shops here do not encourage it.But ignoring a customer is definitely rude.

  5. Clciks were wonderful .Sometimes they behave that way .But why is they say its customer service right.!!! poor serice.

  6. I love Jurlique's products and this is such a fine store. I wish there's one closed by to my place. :)

  7. Wow loved this stuffs and post Navs <3

  8. I always find it so difficult and complex to choose the right product. Such treatment sounds quite outrageous especially coming from an established brand. Perhaps its their own arrogance and a reflection of their poor corporate value about customer that leads to such behaviour rather than your costume or intent.


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